And You have already chosen, as will “dress” your nails for the New Year? I Yes! Gel Polish TNL Professional Cappuccino

Good day! Today I want to introduce you to a neat by sudovym hue, which I, of light, use most often.

Well show you the nail design that I did and agreed with him to celebrate the New year. 😊

So, today we will focus on three-phase gel-Lac TNL Gel Polish in shade No. 74 Cappuccino.

Black bottle with a volume of 11 ml, the brush is comfortable, well-stained region of the nail close to the cuticle and rollers. But, by the way, the cuticles I still paint over a thin brush.

The name of the shade β€” Cappuccino β€” perfectly describes the color. This is a very soft light beige-grey. The texture is creamy and absolutely without any glitter.


The lacquer is coupled with the base and top of the same company kept unchanged for about 2 weeks, but probably would be held and further, and my nails grow pretty quickly.

Noticed that with such a bright paint need to be a little more careful, a lot of things can cause a mark on your nails (I used to get dirty a few times just gel pen or marker).

Let’s look in action? In all the photos the gel Polish applied in two layers (less than can significantly porosity).

Oh, as it turns out, is not easy to photograph both hands at once, but I tried to get a shot of both my hands. Daylight:

Macro photo design

For this design I added to the unnamed dry nail sequins (they are silvery-blue, and where a little peek of red-pink, it just reflects the case from the phone with pictures) on the little finger of layered a few times, and on the ring finger did stretching like the frost on the glass (that is, at least, I was planning πŸ˜‚).

Rating: 5

Price: 200 rubles.

And you have already chosen how to decorate their nails for the upcoming big holidays? Maybe share the plans? πŸ™‚

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