Anna Gale Professional Oil for an active hair growth and against hair loss

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In the review the oil is not simple, but gold.

And at the same time — the naked truth my hair 🙂

Who about what, and I was again on the oil for hair. And again, that with oil it is possible to grow a lush mane, strong hair.

This time to sing about the oil premium Crassus Russian professional brand Anna Gale Professional. The brand uses only natural raw materials of high quality, and the formulas developed by experts, in this case — trichologists.

Oils are blended and bottled manually, as noted on the package.

A bottle of oil packaged in a package of black paper with a sticker which protects against unauthorized opening.

In the package is a bottle of blue arrow with a capacity of 100 ml, which, according to the manufacturer, should last for six months.

The bottle come with a dropper. Apply oil with pipette is convenient.

Information from the packaging promises a strengthening and a food of bulbs, giving Shine and density of hair. And prevention of dandruff.

Please note — this oil to the scalp, just apply it on the scalp for parting.


In the composition of the enveloping and penetrating oil (jojoba, wheat germ, castor), which restore hair from the inside and smooth outside. Despite the fact that this oil to the hair roots, the hair it improves.

Composed with essential oils of lavender and chamomile, to improve the condition of the scalp, soothe, SINAUT irritation and itching etc.

Finally, the main, in my opinion, agents — extract of burdock root, oil of Bay, extract of hot peppers.

Extract of burdock able to contain the effect of the enzyme responsible for premature hair loss. Burdock oil is generally a classic hair care in our latitudes.

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Oil of Bay is also a legend to care for the hair intensively and strengthens the roots, prevents hair loss, improves growth, protects against seborrhea and dandruff. This oil is not without reason, singing odes, and often use it in pure form for the treatment of hair loss.

Pepper extract — this is my favorite component, it causes a rush of blood to the follicles, improves nutrition, improves the structure and thickness of grow hair, prevents hair loss.

Thus, in the oil put all the essential for the solution of the given task for the active growth and against hair loss.

The oil itself is bright yellow in color, quite liquid, has a characteristic smell of Laurel with a hint of clove and lavender. Active smell, but after rinsing the hair is left.

According to the instructions the lubricant is applied on the scalp for parting the ambassadors of wash, keep under the hood as long as possible (overnight leave), and then wash off with shampoo.

I, as usual, do everything your way. I apply oil on wet scalp for parting before washing your hair. They keep a long time, sometimes for an hour or more. Then washed once with shampoo.

Used for one month before every wash, it came out about 3 times a week.

The oil is very strong and specific smell, this should be ready. But if you like the smell of Bay leaf, all right.

Apply the oil easily spreads on the scalp well. I was helped by a light massage. And slightly combed residues in length.

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On the head I missed 3 of the pipette (the pipette is gaining oil, about half of the glass rods).

After applying the action of the oil on the skin is felt. It’s not that burning, but tingling that happens from active essential oils. I.e. the recovery of microcirculation is felt.

Washed off the oil with no problems of any shampoo (I tried).

The hair (which was oil) are silky and dense, alive to the touch. The oil does not steal the volume and does not accelerate the curing of the head.

The oil is very quickly reduce the amount of hair. Like I always keep this subject under control, make different masks, etc., and could not complain about a really strong hair (as I had in lamaslany period of my hair), but then I said downsizing the amount of hair in the grille of the drain literally doubled. And comb hair stopped to stay. The effect of this I noted after a week from the start of the application.

So the oil definitely reduces hair loss.

About active growth is also the effect you can see, looking at the growing length and I feel, have to the hairdresser before you go 🙂

But honestly, my hair and so well grown. I had some problems with hair loss and breakage, this constantly had to watch.

Total for a month of use I see a significant downsizing of velosaped and overall improvement of hair density and splendor, elasticity and density.

Never show your hair in its natural state without styling, and so run the risk 🙂

Photo did yesterday 🙂 Before washing was again a mask of oil Anna Gale, then a shampoo and conditioner that I recently showed. And nothing else on the hair there, dried them naturally.

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I admit that now I can fly sneakers, like, found things to improve. Just in case wrap sneaker back: the oils I was able from the shabby straw to restore the density and splendor to your mane, and that of oil allow me to restore the elasticity of hair. This, by the way, the photo clearly shows. I have a large percentage of gray, in fact, the entire belosnezhnoy blonde that you see is gray. White hair is empty and thus behave like a wire. If ever there was even wavy or curly, begin to break the lock to get out of the locks and stick out like straw in different directions. And if they restore the elasticity, they are twisted again in an orderly manner. The photo shows, that would be enough for a little styling agents such as wax or paste, to give shape to the hairstyle and curls even now not quite messy.

And all of these oils.

In General, the oil Anna Gale has a therapeutic effect, promises proizvodite performs.

In addition, comfortable to use, relatively economical in consumption.

Only one minus, in my opinion, is the price.

100 ml bottle is now discounted 4600 RUB.

But minus this relative, all of the different purses and hair loss are often more expensive and not the fact that they work…

In General, my assessment of the oil over performance — 5 by far.

Girls recognize this brand? What is tried, what are your impressions?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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