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Good day!

Today is exactly a year since I was on.❤ in honor of this event I decided to post my top hair products 2018:

Do exactly a year ago on December 6, I posted my very first post, and he was also devoted to the hair, which in itself is symbolic. First of all, I want to thank all those who have this whole year I read and commented on my publications. Thanks to You I not only stayed on this site, but have significantly adjusted their positions in the best, I think. Thank you for this feedback and for the useful information I find here constantly. All ❤ I Promise to develop and present interesting and useful information. My name is Diana and I am very glad to be here. Thank you all!

It so happened that in addition to my personal anniversary is nearing the end of the year and I already can confidently summarize. I have identified the best hair products that will go with me to the year 2019. Some of them with me for a long time and for a very long time. About most of I have already told. Not to be repeated and not to waste Your time, I’ll be concise and note each tool with reference to the publication where you can get acquainted with each of the described means. The sample from the sample. Let’s start in order:

1.Shampoo AlfaParf Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating shampoo for normal hair

I showed it to You in small packages of 250 ml. This bottle of 1000 ml is enough for me for a year or more, and the preference I give it to this displacement, because it is profitable for the price and I am sure on all 100 that I’ll use it. Gives hair a luxurious Shine, does not weigh down, removes the volume, not greasy. Perfect for every day. Active link to a detailed description in the title.

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Cost: 250 ml 1000 RUB 1000 ml 2600 RUB

Rating: 5 by far

Testing period: 3 years

2.Shampoo CP-1 Bright complex intense nourishing shampoo

Shampoo with protein and collagen. My favorite. A volume of 500 ml. Alternate it with the previous one. Has a more pronounced effect on damaged and dry hair. Making them smooth, shiny, heavy, straight. Unlike the previous version eliminates the volume.

Rating: 5

Term of use: 1 year

Cost: 700-800 rubles

3. Hair essence MS-1 from Esthetic House

If you have split ends, dry ends, and you always use silicones and oils, this means you will like it definitely. It really moisturizes the hair and gives it a beautiful Shine. The tips look very good after it. Is also with thermal protection, does not interfere with hair styling. Use after shampooing, apply to length.

Rating: 5

Term of use: 1 year

Price: 840 RUB

4.Ampoules for hair restoration Damaged hair protein ampoule from Esthetic House

The hair is after them more rigid, elastic better hold volume from the root, with smooth, heavy, each hair becomes thicker like. Super Shine you get with this tool. But the hair will look very good. The effect is cumulative. Gets better every time. One ampoule is enough for me 3 use. Apply on dry hair after shampooing from roots to ends.

Cost: 250 rubles

Term of use: 1 year

Rating: 5

5.Hair Lakme smooth & shine polish

Spray Shine to hair for finishing touch. Pronounced luster, very convenient spray bottle, a pleasant aroma with a floral touch. Put in the end.

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Period of use: 3 years

Price: 700 rubles


6.Powder for the volume of basal Matrix Height Riser

A Must-have. The perfect styling tool. Lifts hair at the roots, does not require additional thermal effects. Good captures any fleece. Detects but does not stick hair.


Use life: 2 years

Price: 1100 RUB

7.Fixing hair spray from Schwarzkopf Silhouette Pure Formula

The tool about which I wrote. Rarely write about styling tools, but not because it is not in use. This is my favorite. Enables to fix the styling, but not to make it “oak”. For easy waves and curls, although depending on the application may fix pretty tough, smooth ponytail also holds a Bang. This effect can be achieved with this hair do not stick together, keep their shape, but they can shift, collect if necessary, and so on.


Period of use: 3 years

Rating: 5

Summing up: here today, only the best students, the best of the best, time-tested and multi-day use. There are no surprises. My hair for those who do not know.

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