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The story about the mask, which managed to solve my skin problems! How long I’ve been looking for you! Interested please under cat.

Will tell you about the mask, which I am delighted with the last three months: it is purifying, antioxidant, vosstanavlivaya and very soft in its action. Just what I need for my skin. Very severe skin problems I have. But! 28, 8-9 hours in the office, lack of activity, fresh air and a permanent lack of sleep, plus the predisposition to allergies from any breeze. The skin is, in principle, in good condition, with daily cleansing and moisturizing is all right. But I didn’t like her uneven tone, about wings of nose with enlarged pores, there is excessive “looseness”, plus frequent guests are the closed comedones in my chin and blackheads on the nose. Skin type combination, normal in summer, in winter closer to sensitive, but T-zone is always close to fat.

So, about the mask: issued in tube, 50 ml in volume, the lid is unscrewed, I prefer the snaps of the cover, but I do not find fault, twisted the lid tightly and easily. The spout hole is medium in size, the mask is squeezed out from the tube without effort.

Here is a photo of the composition and usage instructions:

Now about personal experience and about the result: the mask is very mild, in a system gives a good steady cumulative effect. First hit it 1 time per week: afraid that she is aggressive and will dry out the skin, but 1 times a week, I was obviously a little. Yes, after the mask, the pores are cleansed, the complexion was smoother, the skin a fresher and brighter feel. But the effect was not lasting. When introduced in the second application of the weekly routine, immediately noticed positive changes. Now I have no blackheads on the nose, for a long time, a month and a half, the skin tone gradually evens the so-called “looseness” is reduced. Makeup goes on smoother, now often can not afford to apply a BB cream, just concealer and loose powder.

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The mask is not tight, the texture it cremo gel, color gray pearl, I would have called it. Quickly spread well across the skin’s surface. The smell is not for everybody, but I’m used to.

In the declared salicylic acid and kaolin clay, plus the description says that the formula of the mask is developed on the basis of SmartRepair complex and antioxidants, that is, the mask reduces the effect of environmental factors on the skin. Dries fast, not to stone, much the skin tightens on the face is not much felt. The exposure time of 15 minutes (I got 20), quickly and easily washed with a normal sponge and warm water. The skin does not dry. After the mask the skin is not asking for a moisturizer, I apply only the serum. If doing before bed, apply the serum and cover with oil. Very often, after cleansing masks have a feeling of dryness, dehydration, flaky skin, this mask is not so, it works very gently but cleans well! The skin is clean, fresh and elastic. Mask visibly evens skin tone, makes the surface more homogeneous.

Now I’m not going without her, I advise you to try it!

Period — 3 months;
Rating is 5+ for me.;
Price — ordered on the website for 680 rubles;

Thanks for watching!

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