Antiperspirant-cream wild lavender Lavandula Atyab, East Magic

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With the Syrian trademark East Magic I met last year, then buying oil – resin dezik. By the way, I then tried everything, but the soul wanted something new and I have a new hero post, which reviews filled otzoviki.

So, the design and packaging is very unusual – no rollers and sprayers, just a jar with a screw cap, also comes with the wooden spatula.

As you can see no frills and monograms, which I usually expect to see in the design of Oriental cosmetics). Plastic is the most common, unpresentable.

olive emulsion of olive varieties Abu-SATL, natural alum powder, Potassium alum, oil of wild lavender, oil of sesame seed, Shea butter Vitellaria paradoxa, beeswax, stone white oil Iranian Depuratus mumijo, wild raspberries leaves of the tea tree Melaleuca, wax flower, lavender, powder resin incense Boswellia carterii.

Product weight is 30 grams

The deodorant is a white cream of medium thickness. Texture is heterogeneous, there are white specks in large numbers, but they are generally not felt in a tactile way. Apparently, it’s alum.

Deodorant suitable for everyday use, but it is necessary to wash off before bed with soap and water and apply again at night. And in the morning you can apply again but before that you should wash the skin and wait until it dries. This method will accelerate the normalization of the microflora. You can apply for the armpits, Breasts, stop, etc.

The smell is very unusual – it’s the most natural flavor “Alpine freshness” detergent. I’m serious. No hint of lavender or any other flower I have not heard. It’s the smell of washing powder and my opinion is confirmed by several people. The first time after applying it very well heard around the “media,” but twenty minutes later he disappears and remains only the faint hint of industrial freshness.
Touch deodorant non-sticky, it lacks viscosity. Absorbs fairly quickly and does not leave the skin any film – neither sticky nor powdery. Unpleasant or peculiar feeling during application and socks, he does not.
On hot days the sense of it not much – not prevents moisture definitely, furthermore will not block odor. This despite the fact that sweating, I do not suffer, do not understand how it can help in hyperhidrosis as stated by the manufacturer. Only used it according to instructions, ie, applied twice a day after showering. July for the most part was hot and when the air temperature 33-37 degrees Celsius, the hero of the post did not have adequate resistance to perspiration. However, once a little colder and the temperature dropped to 21-23 degrees, the deodorant finally got and began to perform their duties. Moisture was not quite smell too. But honestly, I the same effect you get from most of Nevei with a cheap roller that you can buy in any supermarket and not have to wait for the mail to deliver the item. The advantages of Atyab Lavandula I consider the composition and the fact that it leaves no residue on clothes. Otherwise it is pretty mediocre deodorant and recommend it for purchase I would not.

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Price: 390 roubles
Rating: 3

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