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Brand apieu first sparked my interest because it is Korean, and I am a very big fan and connoisseur of Korean care) and a sample was first acquired two night mask, one of which turned out great and the second just awful, and therefore, in order to determine its attitude to this brand, purchased all the masks from this range, and more, under the cut.

In the line a total of six masks, and initially I thought that they all night, but at home looking at them closely it turned out that one of them is peeling, and the second cleansing wash off mask, and all the rest of the night, a different spectrum of action.

So there you go, let’s start with the best 🙂

Night soothing mask with tea tree

Apieu Tea Tree Calming Fresh Mask Mate

Volume: 50 ml (like everyone else)

The mask has a very nice light gel texture and smells like tea tree but not as rich as essential oil, a little less Intrusive.

The mask absorbs instantly. If you apply a very thick layer, then for a few minutes, leaving behind soft skin with no film on the surface.

This mask is one of my favorites, I will definitely buy it again and again, it really soothes the skin and slight inflammation on her, making it incredibly soft and at the same time moisturizes. In the morning the skin looks just fine, and don’t even want to wash, so the leather looks good after sleeping. But no, the night masks need to be washed off the next morning 🙂 overall, this is one of the best night of masks that I’ve tried.

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Rating: 5+++

Night moisturizing face mask with Basil extract and baobab

Apieu Fresh Basil Hydrating Sleeping Mask Mate

The mask is also a very nice light texture, but here it is gel-like cream. The smell has nothing to do with Basil or baobab, the usual perfume, quite pleasant.

Absorbed as good as the first, but because of its creamy texture it is better not to apply it thickly, as she did not have time to absorb fully into the skin. Of the film after you leave.

This mask is my second favorite, evokes the same positive emotions as the previous one. Consistently use it once a week, or more often if the skin is persistently requires extra hydration. Mask is declared as extravagently, and these promises she can easily carry out, my skin its very very likes it in the morning after applying I see in the mirror rested and nourished skin.

Rating: 5+++

Facial mask extract of peat and charcoal

Apieu Fresh Mate Peat Mask Pore Clearing

The mask is very dense, is removed from the tube with some effort, and is distributed in the face too hard, it is best to apply to slightly damp skin, otherwise it just will not smear 🙂 the Smell is light, unobtrusive.

This wash off mask, and the time of exposure is 10-15 minutes, and it dries on the skin during this time and remains in its original form.

In principle, this mask can replace conventional clay, the effect is the same. Mask is perfectly clean, I like it very much, the skin feels fresh, looks a bit polished and also mask slightly tightens the pores. A good working thing, and the only important difference from regular clay masks is that the skin after it is not contracted and does not feel dehydrated, which is very pleasing.

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Rating: 5

Nourishing mask with Shea butter

Apieu Shea Butter Fresh Nutrition Mask Mate

The most dense of all the night masks in this series, and my first thought was that she definitely will not be absorbed as it should be, because it has the consistency of thick and dense cream, but not greasy.

But to my surprise, when applied to the skin it is very well distributed, and its density does not affect the absorbency, it also leaves no unpleasant greasy and feeling of the film, a light wet sheen, which soon disappears.

This mask did not cause me any positive or negative emotions, it can be said that nothing really does. Worse than she did, but something extraordinary, I did not notice the skin in the morning looks the same as usual. Even if the face suddenly became dry and bleak in the winter time, works much better mask with Basil than this mask. In General, well, this. I suspect that the mask is possible and good, but I just didn’t fit. This purchase not exactly repeat.

Rating: 3

The peeling gel for the face apieu papaya Fresh PAPAYA Mask Mate

The consistency of the gel mask, with fairly minor splashes of apricot seed powder and granules more dense than the bulk gel. Smells divine, papaya 🙂

The peeling gel was absolutely no, he didn’t do anything with the skin. Scrubbing particles there is very little to it mechanically was able to cleanse the skin from keratinized particles, and also the acid part there is either not enough, or not at all, to chemically scrub the skin. In General, absolutely useless product was.

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Rating: 2

Night facial mask with milk proteins, evens skin tone

Apieu Fresh Mate Sleeping Milk Brightening Mask

The consistency of the mask is cream-gel, but denser than moisturizing mask with Basil. Smells of perfume, unobtrusive.

But to my great disappointment, the mask is normally absolutely refuses to absorb. It is a film on the surface of the skin is shiny and greasy sheen. The photo is not very possible to pass it 🙁

This mask was a complete disappointment. Besides the fact that it remains on the surface of the skin after it shines like rubbed with a pancake, and these residues are then subsequently wiped out about a pillow that is not very pleased with ???? Skin bad takes that mask, her hard mask forms a sticky film and it is very uncomfortable. The effect is absolutely not worth it, because it is not, after rinsing the stickiness is not good since the skin is not happening, well at least that does not hurt 🙂 a few applications, with a mask to make friends and failed, and she left only a negative impression.

Rating: 1

Cost: 300 rubles (for each mask)

Period of use: used up completely all the masks except the last two.

To summarize I want to say that this line offers more great products than the poor, really poor, there was only one, but excellent — three, and I therefore recommend to try these babies, certainly in this series, you will definitely find something perfect myself 🙂

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