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On the American market a new deodorant Myro. From the more traditional predecessors, it is distinguished by plant basis. It should be noted that in the cosmetic market, the United States significantly increased demand for deodorants with natural ingredients, which are not inferior in efficacy to conventional products in that category.

The new medium is completely natural flavor that contains essential oils. In addition, Myro also contains a natural antimicrobial agent obtained from sugar, which the developers used to prevent odors, powder of barley to absorb moisture and safe synthetic ingredients to maintain the natural moisture level of the skin.

Thus, Myro combines safe synthetic and natural ingredients, matching the rapidly growing trend of “pure beauty” – consumers are increasingly looking for foods which has a high content of natural ingredients in combination with effective, but safe synthetics. Moreover, Hol does not contain aluminum, parabens, phthalates, stearaty, triclosan, propylene glycol, TEA, DEA, laurilsulfat sodium, talc, baking soda, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances.

The packaging of the new deodorant also meets the modern requirements of sustainable development in the beauty industry. In particular, it differs with its unusual form, which allowed the manufacturer to use 50% less plastic than in the manufacture of conventional deodorant. Besides plastic packaging recyclable.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the gender aspect of their product, trying to make your deodorant is neutral for both sexes. This tendency is reflected in the choice of smells Myro, appropriate for both women and men. Deodorant is available in 5 variants: Solar Flare – orange aroma, juniper, sunflower; Big Dipper – bergamot, lavender, vetiver; Cabin No. 5 – vetiver, patchouli, geranium; Pillow Talk – violet, ylang-ylang, wild amyris; Chill Wave – cucumber, Jasmine and mint.

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