Apple red – LuxVisage Glam look cream velvet 315

Good day, dear girls!

Offer to meet with a wonderful red lipstick Belarusian brand Bridal makeup.

Lux Visage Glam look cream velvet 315 Paradise Apple

This is my third lipstick from the line Glam look in the stick. Consider it one of the best among Belarusian. Shade 315 attracted me immediately it was in may last year, and he seemed so “summer”, a light version of red. I wear bright lipstick all year round, but the shades change from season to season. Several times I tested the color on the hand, and eventually came to the conclusion that it is too warm for my appearance (I do not understand why?)))

A year later, also in may, all of a sudden decided that I need this lipstick, bought and never regretted.Only if that didn’t do it sooner.

Let us examine the points —

  • Packaging — the most common, plastic, the labels are not erased. The stick can be loosened.
  • Smell — here for me minus the chemical berries, quite strong. Have many lipsticks of this brand, I long ago tired, but in the process of socks you get used to it and stop noticing.
  • Finish — while matte lipstick, in fact she’s just a shining particle. Initially wet, and gradually the gloss goes away, especially if lips are dry.
  • Lays down a smooth, thick layer, glides on the lips.
  • Vitality — 4 hours minimum after a meal to update. The usual for a creamy lipstick.
  • My hue — Paradise Apple — red with a light roswinkel, just a little muted (compared to the classic scarlet), but at the same time very bright. Really like the color of small crab apples.

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    The lipstick does not spread outside the contour, but for greater certainty I apply it under a transparent pencil and draws a brush. On swatches lipstick applied straight from the stick, and the contour of the seats crooked.

    Lipstick in the image —

    In the summer I don’t get to the classic red lipsticks, as there are many “seasonal” fuchsias, corals and their ilk, but it’s the Apple of Paradise I wore very often.

    To definite disadvantages can take only a loose stick because lipstick is soft and it quickly starts to look messy, especially in warmer weather. Relative disadvantages — a distinct smell and the lack of a matte effect, which according to the manufacturer.

    But in General, I recommend as 315 shade, and the whole range of Glam look!

    Rating: 5.

    Cost: 2-3.e.

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