Apply a little amount of lip balms Mi&Ko – so is leaving or not?

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Girls, welcome!

Today I want to share impressions of two of skin of lip balm from the Russian stamps Mi&Ko.

Miko. Lip balm # 1 and Miko. Lip balm No. 0

Making balms is impressive — beautiful heavy glass tactilely pleasant, comfortable sponge, a small hole, which allows not to take the extra amount of balm. In General, the bottles are quite heavy and solid, which certainly don’t expect lip balms budget natural cosmetics. Both balm unscented, gel consistency, easy to apply with a sponge.

The balm No. 0: Castor oil, Carnauba wax, beeswax, lanolin, vegetable, vegetable squalane, rosehip oil, extracts of rosemary, Alpine rose, essential oil of rose.

The composition of lip balm No. 1: Castor oil, Carnauba wax, beeswax, castor oil, lanolin, vegetable, extract of sprouts of mustard (and) kapril/capric triglyceride, ethyl ester milk Thistle oil, Carnauba wax, cetyl alcohol, peach oil, avocado oil, extracts of sage, Rhodiola rosea, horsetail, hops, Echinacea, eclipta and neem.

A sticker with the description and composition stuck to the lid balms and gradually during use starts to come off, which spoils their solid appearance, so I tore off the stickers. Balms are absolutely identical, differ only in the color of the actual balm (translucent No. 0 and light pink No. 1), but on the lips no color does not.

Unfortunately, the balms are absorbed poorly. When they do soak, dry, or just erased, the lips will stay exactly as it was before application. That is, no care, with lips they’re not doing anything. The only thing they can use it to protect lips from chapping. His presence a balm would create a barrier between your lips and the environment and are thus apparently protects.

Sometimes I use glitter (why is the lip therapy I want to call it a gloss, not a balm) on top of some dry or just matte lipstick — the gloss makes the lipstick color more juicy, and the lips more moist. Actually, don’t want to throw the glitter and just trying to find them at least some use.

With the gloss on top of lipstick I like a little more than with the lipstick solo. Although I wear very often, only sometimes in the mood. It is necessary to add that gloss over lipstick, the color goes faster, a minimum of two hours lipstick to do. Or leave as is – only you will lose color intensity and become more “nudave”.

Both balm I got in a box of beauty — itself to buy them, of course, will not. The funds are positioned as beauty and care exactly zero.

Period of use: periodically, for 2-3 months

Volume: 15 ml.

Rating: 2 uhodom means

Price: 561-608 RUB apiece

My name is Anya, I hope the post was useful!)

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