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Some cosmetic products are meant to fall in love with at first sight. It happened when I saw an advertisement for a new night face mask from Biotherm — Aquasource Night Everplump.

Initially, attracted design and of course the manufacturer’s promises. Bottle of solid black at first glance of the glass. In fact, the glass is dark blue-green, the gap is clearly visible.

Inside a thick gel when it’s in the jar it seems that he really is black, but it is dark blue, transparent

The scent of the mask is significant, a little edgy, with aquatic notes. But on the skin it is not delayed, flies very fast and not annoying.

The mask is designed to work when we rest. A unique microalgae Algae are activated at night time and promote deep skin regeneration.

Somewhere write that it is necessary to apply it in the dark, but I still put her in the light, otherwise it will smear all that comes under my hand)

I have dry skin, very Moody, prone to peeling and redness. So I try to choose the highly moisturizing and soothing the skin, and in winter turn to a rich and nutritious products for the face. But the mask is universal, equally good in summer and winter.

It does not paint a very thick layer, it is still too thick layer is not absorbed into the skin, it turns into a huge and useless consumption of the mask.

If you enlarge the photo. you can see the peeling on the hand.After applying the mask, peeling disappear.

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Apply 20 minutes before going to sleep evenly on all the skin, only the eyelids are left intact. The mask is pleasantly cools skin and invigorates.

The glitter is very noticeable and the stickiness is also opinion made Express mask for half an hour after washing

Before going to bed, massaging the skin and drive the remnants of the mask. It will not be absorbed without residue and leaves a slight feeling of stickiness on the skin, but to me it does not prevent. In the morning wash your face with cool water and your regular cleanser. After the first application I noticed, which was velvety and delicate skin. Visibly refreshed, a week later, it’s safe to say that with regular use, skin becomes more hydrated, soft and fresh.

For me, this mask is refreshing. Gives comfort and fills the skin with energy.

And the design of the bottle delivers an incomparable aesthetic pleasure) I Love it when cosmetics combines beautiful design and really serves its purpose and the promises of the manufacturer.

Aquasource Night Everplump will stay on my shelf very long. And you know this mask?

3000 ₽цена10/10оценка6 months, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Dry skin, sensitive skin

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