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This year I managed to get acquainted with a completely new technique of nail art — europefrom. This system is positioned as a replacement for airbrush design nail, because it allows you to create the same smooth gradients and spectacular drawings without a special device.

I am not of the nail-master and manicure only to myself, but because I found it interesting to share my experience with europefrom with those who may be considering buying the system. In the post you can see the basic materials and tools for areputting, as well as the process and result of working with them.

There are sets of europudding, which includes everything you need, but I have such a set not. I just have chosen what, in my opinion, I was useful)

Thus, the main tool for areputting serves as a Stylus holder with.

One side of the sponge has a rounded shape, the teardrop. Sponges can be changed, and most importantly they are reusable because they can be cleaned by using cleanser

Stencils are also reusable, as in the case of stencils for airbrush. I can see the stencils No. 19 Flowers, No. 18 Stones No. 16 Broken glass, and No. C09 and # C17

Areputting is performed using the gel pastes that are both ordinary and chrome: Color Gel Paste and Gel Paste Chrome. Gel paste has a high density, has a sticky (dispersion) layer and polimerizuet LED-lamp for 30 sec.

For areputting the matte top. I have this brand Matte Gel Top, but another brand (I tried). The design is performed only on the matte top because sponges made of medical latex or glossy surface loses its porosity.

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Of course work is required and top. I have this Aeropuffing Thinner Top Gel with no sticky layer, which is good because it can also be used for cultivation thickened gel-paste

Now a few words about the technology itself. Areputting is done as follows:

  • The nails are covered by the chosen shade of gel Polish and then matte top.
  • If you want you can use a defender cuticle.
  • On the nail is a stencil.
  • On the palette (the metallic plate, porcelain, saucer, etc.) apply desired shade of gel-paste (a small drop).
  • Gel paste promarinuetsya with a sponge to remove the palette remains of gel-paste.
  • Light but confident movements the puff paste is transferred to a stencil.
  • It remains to remove the stencil and harden the figure in the lamp.
  • On the nails apply a top coating.
  • I created two manicures in the technique of areputting and captured the process on video below the essence of the technique was visible better.

    First manicure with gel pastes

    And a video of the process

    The second manicure — chrome gel-paste

    And a video of the process

    I hope you found it interesting)

    Thank you for your attention!

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