Art couleurs eyeshadow Catrice 160 silicon violet

Outside, the winter, snow and frosty, and in my post spring shade Catrice art couleurs eyeshadow 160 silicon violet. Catrice eyeshadow I have a bit, but treat them with respect, yet never disappointed. Similar to the pink shade I was looking out my collection for a long time, but it was 160 silicon violet was close to what I wanted and moderately bright, not faded, shiny and very soft. By the way, I’m not a fan of pink, so probably not bought the half like of the shops))

Packing all familiar with — transparent plastic, easy to open, the weight of shadows 2 gr.

The shadows can barely duochrome in bright light. The texture is soft but not friable, with a brush a little crumble. Pigmentation is decent, apply and shade very easily, immediately evenly, do not require layering. On the basis of hanging in there all day. I really like the shiny finish, which creates shadows on the eyelids. They can be used under the arrow, combined with others, and even just use the solo as I often do. Turns out the light gentle make.

Price — 250 RUB.

Rating is 5.

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