Art-Visage: a sustainable Foundation in shade 201

I think you have already read 100500 posts about this cream) But still decided to Express my humble opinion about this budget tone. Be brief and to the point (as always)), I promise ;))

Briefly about the promise: make promises durability for up to 15 hours, even tone without a mask effect and adjustment to the tone under the skin tone. The cream contains SPF 6 and also vitamin E.

What to say… this Foundation has pros and cons (for me important):

  • Packaging: well, this… average))) the Spout is quite wide, but due to the fact that the cream is not runny in texture: you can adjust “results”)

  • Shade: I #201 (ivory). The lightest, as I understand it. But to me it may be dark in winter, very snow white doesn’t fit, in my opinion. However, some “adjustment” under the skin tone present: judging by what it seems for me quite well, dark, on the face, after “shrinkage”, looks very cool (although great too)))). Shade seemed similar to my beloved Estée Lauder Double wear light 1.0, the undertone is clearly yellow.

  • Really very cool to apply and goes on the skin: tried brushes and blender (hands not apply) — great texture, the texture is just solid five!
  • Finish makeup Foundation natural, NOT matte for sure.
  • Durability: and here for me the promise was not fulfilled at all. I would say durability is average. I will last without obvious signs of lack of 6-8 hours #mamalo. No 15 and not talking to me.
  • Coating average density is what I need: thick enough to cover minor details on the skin, such as uneven tone, enlarged pores (not falls) small bruises under his eyes.
  • Smell: present. I was not irritating, but a sensitive nose may be noticeable. So… cosmetic smell, I don’t know how to describe it))))
  • The main disadvantage (not including lack of durability for me) is the Shine on the face. For combination skin (my type), and especially for oily — do not suggest the tone. My face shines with it already through an hour and a half mercilessly. And on all day — only matte wipes every hour or two. A similar effect was my tone from the Bourgeois (the post was here ).
  • Volume: 25 ml., production of the Russian Federation.
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Swatch: all in daylight.

Tone for yourself, all the photos in daylight (the sun).

No makeup: just a moisturizer.Struck tone. Applied with a sponge (if anybody cares ;))With the tone and the sun in the face) Finish this… almost glow) Though I admit that could a natural Shine to appear — while taking pictures near the window in the heat))) Full make. It seems to me, the tone looks very natural and beautiful. Sorry, that is not for my skin type(

Price: well, everything is super) costs around 300 rubles.

Rating: 4- for vain promises durability. For me not an option, and judging by my experience — I can’t advise the holders Kombi//oily skin. For dry, normal might be great.

Also, I heard comparisons of a participant post with my beloved EL Double wear light: in my opinion, not counting the shade, and possibly (but not exactly))) a similar texture — comparisons are flawed. EL excellent durability and control Shine, plus it is slightly denser.

*** Anya.

How do you like this tone?) Used?)

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