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Searching for the perfect tone means you can spend a lot of time, money and nerves: it’s too dry, the face shines as a pancake, no matching shades. Talk about how I finally found a good concealer for my skin.

Art — Visage steady concealer with moisturizing complex and vitamin E

Hope this little baby did not place, but was curious to try in the universal pet. And the funny price of 230 rubles played a role — doesn’t fit, okay, not so a pity to throw away.

Looks cream modest a volume of 25ml. The store was represented by only four shades (don’t know if there is any). I chose the lightest — 201 — ivory.

The cream is thick, dense, smells of aloe (I thought).

The manufacturer promises a smooth matte finish, hydration and good durability. I will check for combination skin, prone to slight dryness in the cold period, as well as the appearance of Shine in the T — zone by the end of the working day with the hard work of heaters and batteries.

I don’t like too thick Foundation and basic with this specific matte finish (a La Nyx drops or Catrice) and I use these often for photos. Yes, and too a strong degree of masking me, also especially to anything — a couple of pimples once a month is my maximum. But it is important to align the skin tone and conceal redness around the nose and on the chin.

Shade 201 for me. At first, this tone seemed to be neutral, without a care in the yellow, but still rather warm. The tone by the way, is oxidized, is not critical, but you need to keep in mind. In the photo below left is the dried up cream, on the right, freshly applied.

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It is obvious that even the lightest shade of the line does not fit very light-skinned girls.

Than it is better to apply?

I like to apply this cream in two ways: with a sponge for light coverage and a brush Real Techniques Expert Face brush for a more dense. Cream on friendly terms with, one that with another tool, nothing has stained, do not clog the pores.

What do I like?

  • No mask effect. The finish is very beautiful, satin, absolutely not sticky. Almost instantly sits on the skin. Notice, however, a slight oxidation, but it is not critical.
  • Despite the density, the cream spreads easily and rests, in my opinion, perfect.
  • Coverage can vary from mild (with a sponge) to medium (with a brush). Easy choice for me for spring/summer, average in autumn/winter.
  • Cream covers mild redness and evens skin tone.
  • Not peeling stresses, does not clog pores.
  • Quite persistent. I tried all of the tonal resources of this type, Art — Visage was the most persistent companion — a small hint of Shine in the T — zone appears only in the evening, and it is almost not noticeable.

With the last paragraph is a bet — read reviews, where durability has been marked as not the strongest side, but we are all individual, and personally for me in terms of durability cream proved to be the best way.

So, who will approach a Steady tone cream Art — Visage?

Oily skin type — not likely, not enough resistance. Combination, prone to slight dryness Yes. Dry, perhaps, but with good moisture before applying the tone.

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The cream is very similar to the characteristics I previously favorite Korean BB from Holika Holika Aqua, but I like even more by the tone (Holika dark and pinkish on me), and durability (again, the skin with Holika Girnius much earlier).

230₽цена9/10оценка2 of the month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, dehydrated skin

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