As for the borscht recipe you can say tasty or not, and on the composition of the cream to assess its effectiveness?

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And it is important for You to understand how the ingredients work at the molecular level?

Be careful with the label!

Inspired to talk about my outdated:) the New trend in the beauty industry — transparency, escaped me.

How is “my beauty life” without deep knowledge about the chemical compound cranberry oil Dimethicone.

It’s just a picture I do not know what kind of connection:)

Knowing in advance the barrage of condemnation and weight disappointed in me girls will say the truth:

I never had the interest to hang out on the Internet resources, and then to study the reliability of these sources in order to understand the description of each ingredient to learn complex technical table, which shows the official chemical name of the ingredient, its use and the recommended concentration in cosmetic products.

Why do I need it?

Your facial, a minimum of 20 years, I choose this :

90 years is a little info, advertising plus the deficit (get a jar of the coveted cream has good luck)

In 2000, x is regular trips to the beautician and recommendations prof cosmetics

The last three years I have enough information from various sources, including grateful some girls with..

My superficial knowledge I enough in most cases to find effective means.

A new trend in the beauty industry transparency not escaped me of course. I read a lot and even briefly studying the composition of the jar.

The days of secret ingredients, magical formulas and unfulfilled promises in the past.

“Home study,” in exposing the composition exceeded all expectations, the producers of “strained all the organs” in the hope to please the customer.

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And it is Super!

Take a course on ethics and sustainability of production. More and more brands come to sustainability to reduce emissions into the environment. Animals again cherish.

For myself, I was limited to a basic set of knowledge: the type of my skin, the main ingredients, the combination of means among themselves while caring.

Actually why enough for me, because I personally believe is impossible without the education to understand the text on the label in the effectiveness and quality of the contents of the jar.

Selective understanding of the active components will not make a complete picture, because in the recipe of each item has value to a variety of factors.

  • The best ingredients, exotic extracts, honey peptides. But cream suddenly has no effect. It is important the base depends on how it all permeates into the skin. And as actually referring on popular sites according to the parsing structure is determined? (in the comments maybe I’ll get a lot of tips)
  • The quality of the most useful ingredients and their concentration. Found the extract of Arctic cloudberry and here it is the potion of beauty! But how often someone reads about the cloudberries from the Arctic? In what period it is important to collect and how much to add in a line for action? Suffice it to recall the eternal duel between the fans of La mer and practical club Ordinary 🙂 not only believe in the uniqueness of a patented composition of algae and millions of fans cheap bottles with pipette. I am not a fan of any other brand yet.
  • Balanced composition, require more than superficial knowledge. It is very important. I recently asked the question what can be expensive and effective serum with vitamin C, where the composition of Dimethicone. Apparently it can, as we’re told by sources ( that also advisable to double-check for accuracy ) silicones help him operate more efficiently.
  • Knowledge of preservatives ( Help, parabens seized the planet!) in the meantime, smart marketers have put us in the banks are not less harmful. The scientific base about the proven dangers of parabens found and have the desire to continue the search.
  • And further more intricate – what are emulsifiers and what thickeners. Who acrylates, and who for carbomer?
  • Quality hyaluronic may be different. And it’s not just specify high or low it molecular. For example where is the guarantee that the budget tool was not added cheap Chinese.
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    Today I decided for myself that is selective to understand the label you need. But the holistic picture, I won’t be able to and the only hope for the conscience of the manufacturer.

    I sometimes think that this is an epidemic of “disassemble the molecules of the cream.” But out of 100 girls who want to show off their knowledge, I’m willing to listen to a maximum of 2 Kh.

    All other “chemical education” please do not disturb!

    And actually, why braked to care, and how “debriefing decorative”. And strangely it turns out that the paraben in cream or no, and there in the tone and the lipstick is mixed:(

    Te about the mask review, exposing its structure is normal and then all in unison singing the ode to review decorative means with talc, parabens and other “stuff”.

    Nestykovochka it turns out.

    “TERRIBLE” pictures and articles from the Internet warning about the disease.

    Perfume, nail Polish, bronzer as well be with them? Let alone the reviews and the lipstick to disassemble.

    I find it difficult to understand and certainly to trust, when I write “Pro” about the horrific effects of Dimethicone and parabens in serum. And then the praises tonal cream with a worst team. Where talc, silicones and preservatives is prohibited.

    T e it supposedly does not bring harm to the skin?

    Mass fascination with chemistry and the endless criticism and advice. Who are the judges?

    Lovely readers, I only expressed my point of view.

    Wanted to discuss with you where she permissible limit of knowledge? What is mandatory and what is useless?

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    Always with great interest I read any opinion.

    Your NikaKlavas

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