Ascorbic acid for hair

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Vitamin C can be useful not only in Facials, but also in order to nice hair. A very important point – for curls ascorbic acid in pure form is not used.

If your hair is prone to greasiness, in addition to vitamin C mask, you must add the honey, cognac and egg. For dry hair use ascorbic acid, castor oil or burdock, and yogurt. A very important point: ascorbic acid tends to wash off the black paint from the hair and is even able to lighten them. So the brunettes have to be extremely careful not to spoil your hair color.

Ascorbic acid is not recommended for people who tend to be allergic reactions. Improper and frequent use of masks with vitamin C you can dry out the hair.

To vitamin C are well absorbed, the mask is best applied to clean, slightly important hair. After this procedure, do not use dryer and irons for the hair during the day.

If you like to taste traditional recipes for beauty, we recommend that you make the shampoo with ascorbic acid. For this you will need one packet of powdered ascorbic acid and one Cup of boiled water at room temperature. Stir the powder in water so that it completely dissolved, then apply the liquid throughout the length of the hair. Rinse thoroughly.

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