Asian beauty gadgets that can change the face


A resident of China, Korea and Japan prepared at times to go to any lengths to look more elegant, young and well groomed. They change the shape of the nose, the color of the nipples and much more with the help of special beauty gadgets.

Asian women take longer than others to retain youthfulness and impress others with their grooming. It is very difficult to guess the real age of these white beauties without wrinkles, but with a delicate blush. And it’s not only the right way of life.

Wildly popular in Asia uses so-called “Face Slimmer” – trainer for the face. It is very similar to the expander, only for the mouth. The use of this gadget will make the skin elastic and tighten it, the manufacturer promises. Beauty tool is inserted into the mouth, at this time you need to repeat combinations of vowels. The result will be faster if you exercise every day. This gadget is in the form of a mask: it fits over the face and secured behind the ears.

“Rhuthm Slim” – another must-have for anyone who works at a computer in the office. The massager gently stimulates the muscles of the face and chin in particular, eliminates the unnecessary and tightens loose skin as a pump.

You can also buy the adhesive tape to pull the wrinkles. The gadget attaches on two sides for hair. The skin on the sides of the face is stretched and the result is wrinkles, including crow’s feet are smoothed.

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