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I have great respect for all kinds of formula for the lips, they appear well on my lips, so it’s always active and happy to use them. Today I will show you one very interesting and unusual tint of my favorite brands – Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Tint.

Collection Genuine Glow came from the brand about two years ago under the influence of active promotion of the Asian trend on the European markets. Its concept was the effect of healthy glowing skin and this is the trend that is so prized by Asian women, but as it turned out, he was no stranger to European ladies.

For products collection were created interesting compositions and was invented by special design and innovative packaging.

The collection includes:

— cream blush for lips and cheeks

— cream for eyelids and face with Shine effect

— a moisturizing balm for the skin around the eyes

— moisturizing balm with SPF and without SPF 15

— soothing lip gloss.

As you know, it is about lip gloss and will be discussed.

So, packaging. It is clearly unusual for a lip gloss. The case is a thick pencil and it one in one is similar to the case of the concealer brand.

For application to the lips brand offered silicone tip with five holes, through which comes the Shine. The tip has the shape of a classic pomade stick, so it’s very convenient.

Same as the concealer, the product is extruded the built-in Elevator, and in his lead turns (clicks) of a small nozzle on the other end of the pencil.

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The texture of the glitter gel, thick, in the photo above shows how it holds its shape after extrusion. But at the same time, its texture and soft, and on another it can not be, because originally the product was designed not only as decorative but also as lip care, and this implies the presence of oils in the composition.


The first oil in the composition we see Ximenia Americana Seed Oil – oil from seeds ximenia, has an interesting anti-aging properties similar effect with betacarotene action and so it allows you to effectively relax and straighten the folds of her lips.

In second place Cocos Nucifera Coconut Oil – moisturizes, nourishes, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

Third – Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil (Kukui oil) with a good penetrating abilities. It absorbs quickly, goes deep into the skin without leaving a oily feeling film that creates a barrier to the evaporation of moisture, without disrupting the functions of the skin. This is a great remedy for dry, flaky and chapped skin.

These three base oils enough so lips feel with this product good. Besides the oils in the gloss added extract of the Tiare flower, collagen, hyaluronic acid.

Basically, my lips are fairly smooth, but trouble in the form of dry skin and dry scabs sometimes happen, especially now in winter, but thanks to this rich composition of Tinta, leaving him is I feel great. Great lips softened, the wrinkles straightened, are peeling. Very nice for decorative! In the cold of the water does not freeze and does not roll down, lies durable soft comfortable film, and gives a full sense of security of the lips.

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But back to the texture Tinta. Because of its density it requires a thorough even application, and it must be done slowly, otherwise it may go to spots. In the folds of the lips, the gel doesn’t flow, the loop never runs.

Tint is evident almost immediately, after a maximum of 2-3 minutes, the shade on my lips gives a nice pink, refreshing, moderately bright and saturated. Let’s look at Swatch.

After applying Tinta on the lips there is a slight chill and tingling about this effect gives the famous Dior maximizer, but perhaps that is the feeling from Tinta Estee Lauder three times weaker, and therefore is faster. I love these effects, but I know many do not like. If you don’t like, it’s not your product!

By the way, tint has a very nice pastry flavor, thanks to the vanilla in the composition, and not less “tasty” flavor.

Now let’s see tint on the lips immediately after application.

Glossy gel effect on the lips lasts long enough, 2-3 hours I can absolutely not to worry, but even when the effect of the gel disappears, it leaves a pleasant trail. Most of all I like that it’s not dry.

And here is how the tint looks like after shrinking.

And follow-up. This tint has become very popular product in my makeup bag. Wear it often and even use it at home as a regular lip care.

Country of manufacturer: Belgium.

Volume: 3,5 ml.

Price: I got for 999 rubles.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Thank you for your attention.



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