At BASF have developed a new detoxification procedure


The company BASF has developed a new detoxification procedure for residents of cities based on sarcosine, a substance derived from amino acids, which is naturally found in the human body that reduces sebum production and supporting the microbiome of the scalp.

At BASF have developed a new component for care of hair, designed to restore the beauty and health of the scalp Scalposine. This ingredient was developed on the basis sarcosine is a precursor of glycine, the amino acid needed to create the major macromolecules of the skin such as elastin and collagen. Scalposine affects excessive sebum production in the hair follicles and diversity of the microbiome of the scalp.

According to the representatives of BASF: “Today’s hectic lifestyle, as well as environmental factors like dust and pollution, have a negative impact on the physiological parameters of the scalp, contributing to the fact that problems with the hair and the scalp become more common throughout the world. Unhealthy scalp – oily, covered with dandruff and can be sensitive”.

Clinical trials by BASF have shown that the new active ingredient can soothe and clean the scalp, reducing sebum production and restoring the microbiome. The skin of the head “protects” a few species of microorganisms living in harmony with the human cells. Being practically unexplored until now, this ecosystem plays a key role in maintaining the health of the scalp. In a metagenomic study, the BASF experts have studied the destructive influence of sebum on macrobiotically this fragile balance. The analysis confirmed that the diversity of the microbiome is much lower to oily scalp than normal.

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After one month in vivo media with 1% Scalposine the diversity of the microbiota of the scalp increased significantly. In particular, the number of taxa increased by 36% in comparison with the results of the control group applying a placebo. In addition, the active ingredient showed a prebiotic effect, accelerating the development of six ShTAMMOV bacteria that were previously identified by researchers as the BASF is useful for a healthy scalp in General. The results of laboratory studies showed that Scalposine in the dose of 0.7% leads to a decrease in sebum production by 77%.

In addition, month-on-month placebo-controlled clinical study confirmed the ability of the active ingredient to reduce the level of sebum in the scalp. So, 82% of study participants reported an immediate soothing effect on the skin of the head, while some even saw a decrease in peeling after 28 days of use.

“Using Scalposine, BASF has developed a holistic approach based on sarcosine-derived amino acids, which is naturally found in the human body.”, – concludes the company.

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