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In one of the largest trade shows of the industry of beauty in-cosmetics Global Imogen Matthews, market researcher, journalist and consultant in strategic communications, presented the dominating marketing trends of the cosmetic industry.

Significant changes in social norms affect the perception of beauty consumers. A striking change is the destruction of the ideals of beauty, driven by social media and its role in the democratization of beauty. According to the analyst GlobalData LII Neophytou, Millennials are the main opponents of brands that use unrealistic images.

In fact, 44% of Millennials around the world do not want to conform to traditional gender stereotypes, creating opportunities for brands to overcome gender inequalities with the help of important concepts and products.

Sam Farmer, founder of the eponymous brand teenage toiletries, since 2011, is campaigning to change the innate sexist messages in the beauty industry. “There have been changes in how young people identificeret itself with gender and equality. Gender targeting is old-fashioned. Marketing departments need to understand the emotional changes that are teenagers and “teenage brain,” says Farmer.

According to Emmanuel Bassman, founder of In-Trends Ltd, there is a change in how consumers use the media for skin care. The procedure of multi-stage care, it seems, is no longer popular, since consumers go back to the universal products, capable of performing many functions. The only condition to this versatility is high performance in all possible use cases.

Natural cosmetics is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty today, however, consumers are often concerned about the pseudo-scientific facts and statements are distributed on the Internet. Lorraine Dallmeier, Director of Formula Botanica, noted some shared assumptions about natural cosmetics, which cause a heated debate between the “anti-toxins” and “defenders of chemistry.” For example, these include such statements as “natural substances don’t work” and “preservatives useless.” Exploring the assumption that “all cosmetics are absorbed into the body,” it is not found no scientific evidence.

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Pointing out that cosmetic brands in the EU do not have something to put on the market, if this product is safe, she said: “We encourage the beauty industry to become environmentally friendly and go beyond this debate by working together.”

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