Au naturel with Wimperntusche mascara Alverde Mascara Schwung und Präzision

Belongs to the German brand Alverde of DM network and offers a full range of products for skin care of face and body hair, as well as a line of decorative cosmetics. The principle of the brand — natural ingredients, organic components and modern technology, innovation and working with demanding consumers. For me, familiarity with the brand was the first I was interested in the mascara with silicone brush Alverde Mascara Schwung Wimperntusche und Präzision in shade 010 black (schwarz 010).

Packaging: slim tube of plastic material, recyclable, silver-grey, nicely frosted, will not slip from the hands. Closes tightly with a click. Brush long, tapered narrowing at the end, with 2 rows of rare silicone teeth of different lengths.

The first impression between the teeth gaining a lot of mascara. However, the impression is deceptive — the limiter is sufficient, no leaks, never gets dirty, brush gaining enough ink for 1 eye.

Product feature: I’m not an expert of German language, as I understand it, the manufacturer promises bending and splitting, creamy texture and an innovative silicone brush. The mascara is very black, straight coal-black, very liquid and “wet” when first opened the packaging for the mascara was a little thicker than water, now after 6 months of infrequent use mascara thickens slightly, but still much thinner than other mascaras that I use.

The smell is quite pronounced, smells like cough syrup anise oil. After a couple of minutes is not smell, but the cat feels the ink a mile away and comes as Valerian.


To transfer with a brush the ink on the hand was very hard. The teeth punctured the arm, and the carcass was transported literally drop.

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because of its excessive “humidity”, the promise of bending the mascara does not. On the contrary, it straightens the natural curve of where he was, and even curled with tongs eyelashes are a little “down”. The brush is quite a good combing of the lashes in 1 coat parts and minimal glue them together, enveloping the ink and gives a very natural effect.

Two coats of bonding significantly more try not worth it — it’s not. The effect will not be more expressive, and glue all easily. Dries the mascara for long, the first 5-7 minutes should refrain from active flapping eyelashes, and all that ever will be, in pixels. Due to the very thin coating individual lashes, in the amount of coal-black color mascara is not visible, the result is standard black.

Mascara is not felt on the eyes, does not irritate the eyelids and elongated, and in what form painted in the morning, in such form and wash away. The only thing but — the ink is very afraid of water, if just a little splash in the face, she instantly flowing stream. Water-resistance no promises, however, such vlagopoglotiteli for the carcass, of course, a minus.

But with make-up remover this mascara is some magic. Where does such a huge amount of mascara on the eyelashes that look almost painted? Why is it so hard washed out ink that flows literally from drops of water? I wash the ink oil tool, then going through a micellar water, then wash, then a cotton swab soaked migracyjne space — all clean. Wake up in the morning and see that on the lower lash traces nedomytye mascara. Pure mystery, where she’s hiding and where morning appears.

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Composition: Aqua | CI 77499 | Alcohol* | Stearic Acid | Cera Alba* | Algin | Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters | Esters Jojoba | Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil* | Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Seed Extract* | Glyceryl Stearate SE | Shellac | Silica | CI 77007 | Glycine Soja Oil* | Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract | Parfum** | Limonene** | Linalool** | Citral** | Citronellol** | Geraniol**

* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

** natural essential oils

Price: 3,75 Euro

Rating: to love this mascara, you must either be an ardent fan of organic cosmetics, or really love this effect “makeup painted eyes”. I had heard that organic mascara to give natural effect, but somehow he for me is too natural in all dances with a tambourine, which this mascara absolutely does not deserve. Therefore, score of 3

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