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Hello, beautiful ladies.

I want to show you today a nail Polish Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in the shade Khaki, which was released as part of the autumn collection of the brand Bobbi Brown.

All who are interested, I invite under kat.

Initially the lacquer is Packed in a black cardboard box:

where at desire it is possible to examine the composition, if anyone is interested:

Brush Tokay, long, but surprisingly turned out to be convenient:

The lacquer color is indicated on the bottom of the bottle:

Tint — grey-green base of countless Golden shimmer, which is almost not noticeable on the nails, unfortunately.

The consistency of the nail cream. Very obedient. If you try, you may be placed in one thick layer. It arrived with (the band in the photo is the flaw in my nail), not puzyrit, the cuticle is not running. Self regulation is secondary. Dries relatively quickly — 1 layer for 5 minutes, 2 — 10-15, 3 dry out completely for 30-35 minutes.

Paint applied in three medium layer, the lead without a base and top.

Daylight at the window through the glass, moderate the sun:

Daylight in the room:

Daylight + electric lighting:

Electric lighting:


Daylight + flash:

Varnish safely worn for 3 days. On the 4th start to jam the ends, but no chips or cracks.

Removed easily, the skin and the nail plate does not stain, even in the cracks of the pigment eats.

Price: RUB 810 with a maximum discount.

Rating: Here the properties of the varnish, even nothing to complain about, but I don’t particularly like the shade. Too dark in my opinion, and very often, with poor lighting, out in the blackness.

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Let it be 4.

Do you like shade?

Thank you all for your attention.

With you Milena.

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