Autumn collection of makeup Kiko Makeup Milano Sicilian Notes Collection Fall 2019


Kiko Milano is autumn make-up collection Sicilian Notes Makeup Collection Fall 2019. The collection is inspired by the warm Sicily and consists of warm colors, intoxicating fragrances and innovative textures that create a sophisticated image in a Mediterranean style. Product formulas collection is enriched with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. The collection includes 2 palettes eye shadow Eyeshadow Palette Maxi, double cream eye shadow Long Lasting Eyeshadow Duo in 6 shades, double-sided water-resistant liner-marker for eyes Marker Eye Duo, mascara Nutrilash Mascara, baked blush Baked Blush in 4 shades, double highlighter Highlighter Duo in 2 shades of baked bronzer Baked Bronzer in 2 shades, two-tone matte bronzer nourishing Nourishing Bronzer in 2 shades, moisturizing Foundation Full Coverage Foundation, Hydra, 8 shades, radiant primer under makeup Brightening Primer, double sided primer for eyes and lips Eyes & Lips Primer, double-sided liquid lipstick Liquid Lip Color Duo in 8 shades, water-resistant lip liner Long Lasting Lip Liner in 8 shades, color-nourishing lip balm Nourishing Lip Balm in 4 shades, nail Color & Care Nail Lacquer 4 colors, cleanser face toning Energizing Cleanser, refreshing toner Toner Energizing, hydrating and toning face cream Energizing Face Moisturizer, gonyak sponge Lemon Konjac Sponge, face brush All Over Face Brush and double sided brush for face powder, liquid and cream textures Precision Brush Duo.

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A collection of Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes 2019 Fall Makeup Collection includes:

Palette eyeshadow Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Maxi 2019 Fall Eyeshadow Palette (limited edition), which includes 10 vysokomehanizirovannyh shades with matte, metallic and pearl finish, which is perfectly fall shade. Came in 2 shades:

  • 01 Valley of the Temples — cold colors: pink, gold and brown;
  • 02 Sicilian Baroque — warm colors: pink, orange, and brown;

Creamy dual eyeshadow Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Long Lasting Eyeshadow Duo Fall 2019 — one side matte finish on the other — with metal. Has a lightweight texture, which ideally fits the eyelid and dries instantly. Obespechivajut resistance of at least 10 hours. Came in 6 shades:

  • 01 Peach & Copper — matte peach and metallic copper;
  • 02 Mauve & Burgundy — matte light pink and plum metallic;
  • 03 Hazelnut & Gold — frosted almond and gold metallic;
  • 04 Brown & Shell — matte cool brown pink-gold-brown metallic;
  • 05 Greenwood & Golden Green — Matt green and light green metallic;
  • 06 Lavender & Lilac — matte lavender and lilac metallic;
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Bilateral watertight marker for eyes Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Eye Marker Duo Fall 2019 — two felt tip (one thin and sharp, the other diagonal) guarantee a high precision application and even distribution of colors for a graphic result without streaks. Brilliant ultraprevention texture deep black color is fixed on the eyelid. Left in the shade:

  • Black — black;

Mascara Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Fall 2019 Nutrilash Mascarathat gives lashes volume and length without clumps, and retains its texture for up to 16 hours. The mascara formula is enriched with natural extracts and panetela, and its elastomer brush evenly distributes mascara on the lashes. Came in 2 shades:

  • 01 Brown Theater — dark brown;
  • 02 Mosaic Black — black;

Kiko baked blush Milano Baked Blush Sicilian Notes Fall 2019 with a radiant finish gives you a healthy luminous glow. Came in 4 shades:

  • 01 Taormina Coast — peach;
  • 02 Coral Sunset — reddish-coral with Golden shimmer;
  • 03 Panarea Mauve — light pink;
  • 04 Egadi Wine — red-pink;

Double highlighter Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Highlighter Duo Fall 2019 in 2 shades:

  • 01 Gold Pantelleria — peach-gold;
  • 02 Copper Lava — sponge-gold;

Baked bronzer Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Fall 2019 Baked Bronzer in 2 shades:

  • 01 Warm Melange light beige;
  • 02 Bronze Melange — dark-beige;

Nutrient two-tone matte bronzer Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Nourishing Bronzer Fall 2019 — Central tint evens tone, and bronze skin: together they create the effect of a natural glowing tan. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and seed oil of lemon, with nourishing properties. Came in 2 shades:

  • 01 Mediterranean Sand;
  • 02 Soft Marsala;

Hydrating Foundation Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Full Coverage Hydra Fall 2019 Foundation with adjustable coverage, from medium to thick. Its formula enriched in hyaluronic acid and extract of orange blossom, with tonic properties. Has a finish with a frosted effect lights. Came in 8 shades:

  • 01 Ivory — ivory;
  • 02 Porcelain — porcelain;
  • 03 Light Beige — light beige;
  • 04 Honey honey;
  • 05 Almond — almond;
  • 06 Caramel — caramel;
  • 07 Hazelnut — hazelnut;
  • 08 Cocoa — cocoa;
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Radiant primer under makeup Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Fall 2019 Brightening Primer — imperfections and extends the durability of makeup. Its formula enriched with chestnut seeds extract and hyaluronic acid. Has an innovative two-phase texture is gel based and creamy pearls are mixed when pressing on the dispenser. Gives long lasting feeling of freshness and comfort, and a pleasant citrus aroma;

Bilateral eye primer and lip Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Eyes & Lips Primer Fall 2019;

Bilateral liquid lipstick Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Liquid Lip Color Duo Fall 2019 — one side matte on the other — ultravista. Fluid lightweight texture with a high concentration of pigments gives lips an unmatched feeling of comfort. Two finish can be combined or used separately, each time creating new images. Provides vivid color with the first application. Practical, soft applicator ensures easy application of the product. Saves vitality up to 8 hours. Came in 8 shades:

  • Mauve Art — bright Magenta;
  • Rosy Almond — bright pink;
  • Ceramic Brown — warm beige;
  • Triskele Coral — vivid coral-red;
  • Magenta Sky — a bright purple-red;
  • Poppy Bouquet red poppy;
  • Cherry Field — dark red;
  • Amaranth Eclair — plum;

Waterproof lip pencil Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Long Lasting Lip Liner Fall 2019 — it has a waterproof formula and is resistant up to 12 hours. Came in 8 shades:

  • 01 Mauve Art — bright Magenta;
  • 02 Rosy Almond — bright pink;
  • 03 Ceramic Brown — warm beige;
  • 04 Triskele Coral — rich red-coral;
  • 05 Magenta Sky — a bright purple-red;
  • 06 Poppy Bouquet red poppy;
  • 07 Cherry Field — dark red;
  • 08 Amaranth Eclair — plum;

Color nourishing lip balm Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Nourishing Lip Balm Fall 2019 in 4 shades:

  • 01 Etna Tangerine pink;
  • 02 Jam Flowers — bright pink;
  • 03 Strawberry Cream — fuchsia with a red undertone;
  • 04 Grape Sorbet — dark red;

The nail Polish Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Color & Care Nail Lacquer Fall 2019 in 4 shades:

  • 01 Lavender Syrup — Lundby;
  • 02 Pumpkin Marzipan — orange-red;
  • 03 Cherry Cake — red;
  • 04 Sweet Pomegranate — dark purple;
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Cleanser for face toning Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Fall 2019 Energizing Cleanser — gently cleanses skin of impurities and traces of makeup. Its formula contains Mandarin orange extract and vitamin E, with protective properties. Natural particles of lemon peel and almonds in the ingredients, cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant. Has a refreshing gel texture and a subtle citrus flavor;

Invigorating toner Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Fall 2019 Energizing Toner — restores skin balance and radiance, completes the purification stages. Its formula contains Mandarin extract, extract of camu camu and vitamin B3, which has protective properties. The innovative gel texture is easy to apply and gives a pleasant sensation, instantly refreshing skin. Has a delicate citrus flavor;

A hydrating and toning face cream Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Energizing Face Moisturizer Fall 2019 — gives the skin a powerful boost of hydration, energy and radiance. Its formula contains Mandarin extract, extract of camu camu and vitamin B. Light texture with a subtle citrus scent absorbs quickly into the skin. Suitable for all skin types and can be used daily.

Gonyak sponge Kiko Milano Sicilian Lemon Notes Fall 2019 Konjac Sponge — cleanses and exfoliates the skin, gently removes impurities

Face brush Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes All Over Face Brush Fall 2019 from synthetic bristles, ideal for powder textures;

Sided brush for powdery, liquid and creamy textures of synthetic hair Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Precision Brush Duo Fall 2019.

Autumn collection of makeup Kiko Makeup Milano Sicilian Notes Fall 2019 Collection is already available on (and to 3.09.2019 g. there is a discount of 20%).

Promotional video of the new collection Kiko Milano Makeup Collection Sicilian Notes Fall 2019:

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