Autumn companions: two of cream on moose milk from Natura Siberica


On the street raging the autumn with its bright colors, rain and cold. It’s time to get really efficient means.

I want to tell you about two cool tools from the same series who save me cool (and not only) season.

Anyone interested I ask under kat 🤗

A small entry) Exactly since, as the temperature outside begins to drop below 5 degrees Celsius, my skin feels incredible meal. Most of all, of course, suffer the face, lips and hands. So in the autumn I pull out all the heavy artillery, not to bring at the limit, peeling, dryness and even cracking.

The heroes of this post is just the very tools that save me in this period.

Protective hand cream on moose milk Wild Siberica (Natura Siberica)

Before buying this cream I have read an incredible amount of accolades. Then of course, I wanted to try it.

Packing tools are quite simple: a tube of cream carefully hidden in a cardboard box, where you can find all the necessary information.

Myself a tube of cream is soft, the standard form for such funds. From it easy to squeeze desired serving of cream, cover the hole and not paccaud.

According to the consistency of cream of average fat content, white. Spreads easily over the hands, feels quite oily. It is very quickly absorbed, allowing almost immediately to touch any surfaces. The coolest thing about this cream is that it leaves a protective film: it is not felt after application, but it is very noticeable after you wash your hands even if you wash them the next morning.

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The action of the cream is noticeable after the first application — feeling like something cozy wrapped your hands and protects them)), the Skin quickly absorbs the cream, becoming soft and velvety. If the status is running and there is a visible dryness — just one or two applications to revert to a previous state.

Especially cool to use this cream before going outside — protective film saves against exposure to cold temperatures, while maintaining softness and hydration.

Plus, the tool is very nice I smell something milky that adds a special “comfort” when using.

In the summer I used the cream about once a week to keep hands well groomed. Now, in the fall, he saves me from dry, simply not allowing her to appear.

Overall, this tool is enough to use once a day — it is on my shelf and hands are drawn to it mainly before bed. In the daytime, I still prefer to use a lighter texture.

Consumption average, one application of pots of cream.

Term of use: about 5 months

Volume: 75 ml

Price: about 200 rubles

Rating: 5+ and by far ❤

Softening foot cream on moose milk Wild Siberica (Natura Siberica)

The packaging of the foot cream from this series is the same as that of the first representative: differing only in their color blocks.

The tube also isn’t much different: the same soft black matte plastic. Squeezed easily, you can adjust the amount of cream.

The consistency of the cream a little less thick and oily than the counterpart. At the same time, it was a medium thickness, felt light oiliness. Spread over the skin easily, but absorbs a bit longer — after application it is better not to move for 10 minutes) Then the skin absorbs the cream completely. Because of this, it is better not to use it in the daytime, in order to avoid the feeling of sliding.

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The scent is pleasant, again, milk. Evaporates after it is absorbed.

The effect of money is also very cool. After absorption there is a protective film. The skin becomes soft and smooth, smooth edges and rough areas. In one application of the leg be visually and tactilely more manicured.

Its regular use helps to preserve the beauty and softness of the skin, if you have recently done pedicure.

For winter and autumn time of year fits perfectly, not allowing the skin to grumeti from wearing closed shoes. In warmer weather I use it several times a week to maintain the condition of the skin, the effect is rather cumulative and this frequency is applied fairly.

Consumption due to the consistency and effectiveness of minimal — after summer and spring, I have only a little less than half. For its price it’s a godsend)

Term of use: about 5 months

Volume: 75 ml

Price: about 200 rubles

Rating: 5+ and also a complete ❤

My name is Alexandra, I hope my post was useful for you)

Have you tried these tools?

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