Autumn flavors from the Russian author brands

Autumn is in the original short but marvelous time. When you do not want to be depressed, and the body still does not recognize the departure of summer and diligently cling to the rays of the sun. In good, we have to remove all the summer scents and find all the autumn that missed at the far corners.

In cold weather, probably the most popular Oriental, spicy and leather composition, with a share of spice, be sure the ambergris in the base.

This season the fragrance is often a bright chord, a pivot around which everything else is built. It is not connected with the interpretation of the pyramid, but rather the observation that this perfume is more likely to be understood by modernity. Notice that is becoming more and more multigendered fragrances, whose sound equally well on different skin types.

This year I’m trying to make a selection according to Russian authors, because this topic is of interest to me and the perfume lovers. Of course, something of the novelties that managed to wear last time, and also favorite songs.

“TANGO” Author Tatiana Gorbaneva.

Autumn Chypre “Chypre Autumn”

Characteristic note: woody, mossy, balsamic, sandalwood.

Deep, grass-wood, as wet wood. Dry rough. I would like to add zest of orange or some citrus based on orange fruit. Then he became more comfortable. But overall, this is a really interesting flavor to explore and wear. Both male and female, by personal choice. The clothes smelled for a few days, than surprised, because the author works only with natural ingredients, suitable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and use only natural cosmetics. But this is perfume, not the oil, the usual us format.

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Group: shipovye

Top notes: bergamot, Mandarin, Mimosa.

Middle notes: anise, mugwort, chamomile, maiden, violet leaves.

Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, Cistus, oakmoss, gurunsi balm.

15 ml — 4250р

5 ml 1500

2 ml. 490 p

Edgardio Chilini Author Sergei Cars

Amber Rouge, the “Red amber”.

Characteristic notes: fruity, vanilla, musky, balsamic, amber

In Marche large assortment of bright and rich aromas that can be worn in the fall. I had to choose.

The composition is built in the classic sense of the aroma, closer to the Suite, around the notes of amber, musk and vanilla. The bottle I have is quite long and my perception has changed a bit. Sounds pretty fun now, audible even Apple and plum shades at the start, each component of this multifaceted fragrance sounds, heard & rose & peony, fruits. In the base musk and vanilla complement the sound. Sits on the skin, Slavic when driving there during the day. The evening scent is more for those who want to surprise with originality, as it is not recognizable in terms of perfume similarity.

Top notes: Ambrette, Bourbon vanilla

Heart notes: rose, peony, heliotrope, ebony, toluansky balm

Base notes: Tahitian vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, Tonka beans absolute, ambergris, musk

30 ml — 900R

10 ml 3000r

2 ml — 200R.

Esquisse Parfum Author Marina Volkova

Soleil Noir “Black sun” – new, which the author prepared for the fall.

Characteristic notes: fruity, floral, spicy, amber

Fresh citrus in the start, takes woody-spicy version sounds completely different than at the beginning. The finish is cherry stones, pieces of wood very much, the many spices, light earthy hue. Our database is kept up to 7 hours on the skin, you feel it if for example additionally paint onto the crease of the elbow. Gender probably a female, but who knows… can be Worn in moments of rest and relaxation.

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Group: spicy, woody

Top: grapefruit, bergamot, ylang-ylang, Jasmine

Heart: labdanum, pink pepper, heliotron, cinnamon, cloves, saffron, Lotus pink

Base: ebony, leather, cashmeran, Peruvian balsam, amber

15 ml — 4750r

5 ml — 1800r

Maison des Fragrances.

Truffe exquise “the Exquisite Truffle”

Characteristic notes: tart, rough, fruity, tobacco, amber

Young Russian perfume house that exists just a couple of years, offers range of Aroma-Delicious. I happened to love almost immediately, because I wear it with pleasure, I forgot to take it with you on vacation. But in cold weather it is especially good and lasts longer. In the composition, travelnote heard especially at the time of application. Gradually get used to it and starts harmony — heard of tobacco and chernoslivovymi tart tints. Tobacco leaf is rather, not burnt. Over time the fragrance opens and remains on the skin, sounding all the more sweet, with a hint of grungy light amber.

If you love truffle, velvet rough composition, you should. In the office I would not recommend to wear and walk out fine. Both male and female, in the case you can use together. Sound up to 12 hours.

Spicy Oriental

Top notes of black truffle, cinnamon bark and Bourbon vanilla

Heart notes: plum, cloves, mirabelle and tobacco.

Base: musk and grey amber

15 ml — 3500r.

2 ml — 200R

Osmogenes Author Olga Hasina

Characteristic notes: rose, wdowy, leather, spicy

Provokateur Rose “rose Provocateur”, which appeared as “sister” Peony Provocateur, by the end of summer — dominant complex rose with a touch of geranium, solo with ugowym tree, recognizable from the first notes. The thing in itself — “udova rose”. Composition of vetiver and the spice of cardamom, Very close to the modern interpretation of agar-wood and wood compositions, even at first seemed vaguely familiar. In General, bright and saturated for both men and women. Especially lovers of this flower surrounded by brutal music. Stoykite 7 hours on the skin.

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Group: spicy Oriental

Top notes: passion fruit, red wine

Heart: rose, geranium, vetiver, cardamom

Base: Kashmir wood, Oud, Daman, amber, amber, musk leather.

15 ml — 3500 R.

30 ml — 6500 R

1-2 ml — 450r

Every time gladly and easily give up all the summer favorites, because you can finally get “heavy artillery”. What flavors or notes you prefer this fall?

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