Autumn. Givenchy Le Vernis Midnight Skies # 11 Cosmic Night

Hello, beautiful ladies.

Autumn came, and autumn it’s time to brag about new things.

Can I also brag and show you a Polish from the fall collection Givenchy — Givenchy Le Vernis Midnight Skies # 11 Cosmic Night.

All who are interested, I invite under kat.

Lacquer became almost the only thing I caught from all the fall collections. And although I haven’t tried before lacquers of this brand, but the color just captivated me from the first promo, so bought without hesitation, as soon as the opportunity arose.


Removable cover:

Very convenient brush-spatula. Always praised brushes varnishes Dior, but Jivanji brush I liked less:

Characteristics of varnish, you’re good. Has a great plastic texture. Perfectly fits from the first layer. The cuticle is not running, not puzyrit, it arrived — even to my dumb (striped) nails is a very well.

Dries fairly quickly.

Paint applied in two thick layers solo without base and top:

In low lighting, the shade becomes more modest:

Fluorescent lighting in the room

But bright light will again include a magical shimmer. So I think the Polish will look great not only Sunny days of autumn and winter will not get lost in the beauty of hue.

Durability good. Washed away at the end of the 4th day in almost perfect condition. Well, maybe a little jammed the ends of the right hand.

Removed without problems. The nail plate does not stain.

Price: 1350 RUB

Rating: 5.

Thank you all for stopping by.

With you Milena.

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