Autumn makeup collection Chantecaille Makeup Collection Fall 2019: info and Swatch


Chantecaille is autumn make-up collection 2019, with a focus on the eyes. Old product collection will be 6 shining eyeshadow Eye Luminescent Shade. Also the collection includes brush new eye shadow Shade and Sweep Eye Brush, nadowa lipstick Lip Veil and gel blush Cheek Gelee. As always, the collection is of a charitable nature. It aims to help six African animals that are facing extinction — elephant, Rhino, Cheetah, giraffe, lion and pangolin (the lizard). And part of the proceeds from the sales of the new shadow Chantecaille will go to benefit six African non-profit organizations on wildlife conservation.

A collection of Chantecaille Makeup Collection Fall 2019 will include:

Glowing mono-eye shadow, Chantecaille Eye Shade Luminescent Fall 2019 (new, old-product collection, limited edition, approximate price — $52) with perlamutrov-glowing texture and multi-dimensional shimmer. Will come in 6 shades:

  • Pangolin — dark purple;
  • Lion — Golden-copper;
  • Elephant — shimmery gray taupe;
  • Cheetah — warm champagne;
  • Giraffe — polished brown;
  • Rhinoceros is a complex olive;

Swatch shining mono eyeshadow Chantecaille Eye Shade Luminescent Fall 2019:

Liquid gel blush Chantecaille Cheek Gelee Fall 2019 (estimated price — $44) with a moisturizing cream-gel texture, which is transparent, but bright pigments instantly give a bright and radiant youthful glow. Come in the shade:

  • Vibrant — crimson;

Lip balm Chantecaille Lip Veil Fall 2019 (estimated price — $48), enriched FairWild certified organic oil from the African baobab tree, gives your lips a luminous Voile sheer, moisturizing color. This line of lipsticks supports Space for Giants — the organization for the protection of elephants (currently live only 4% of the population of African elephants). Come in the shade:

  • Tamboti — a warm Nude;
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Eyeshadow brush Chantecaille Eye Shade and Sweep Brus Fall 2019 (estimated price — $40) conical shape of high quality, soft, vegan ultrapresence of the pile, surpassing the ability of natural cloth.

Autumn makeup collection Chantecaille Makeup Fall 2019 Collection already went on sale in the United States. Waiting in Russia in the store

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