Autumn shades 614 and 703 Dior Vernis

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My latest purchase of nail Polish is three shades of Dior Vernis, two of which are openly and fall on them, I want you now to tell.

When choosing a nail Polish from Dior, we gave preference to a relaxed, versatile and modern shades.

614 Jungle Matte

When buying did not pay attention to the name, just looked at the color in the bottle. So matte effect for me was a surprise.

Immediately after applying the nail Polish wet Shine, as usual. Then gradually becomes cloudy and becomes opaque.

Shade deep beige, dusty. Without shimmer.

Thickish. Instantly dries what goes problem. With the first layer all right. The brush is great, easy to get apply a smooth, thin layer. But one layer is not so beautiful color, it is closer to boiled condensed milk. The second layer is already dried up, Matt first, you have to apply a lot of Polish, otherwise it does not work. You need to be accustomed to type on the brush a sufficient amount of and very quick to apply. Otherwise there will be uneven and will have to repaint again.

Durability is not very much. I have extensions gel nails and nail Polish they usually keep for a long time. In this case, on the third day the varnish is erased at the edge of the nail, about half a millimeter. This is evident in such dense textures. Have to repaint once in three days.

Wears well with liquid nail Polish remover with acetone. No acetone necessary to Tinker longer.

Bought for 1399 RUB.

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My rating 4 out of 5 for difficulty applying the second coat and lack of vitality.

703 Trigger

This shade is on the official website Dior marked as new.

In the bottle the varnish grey, dusty, with visible small pink shimmer. This shimmer turns gray in a few more purple or something.

In the bottle the shade looks more interesting and brighter than on the nails. On the nails the shimmer is almost not noticeable (and sorry).

The texture is medium thickness. Fits perfectly.

The nails look beautiful and modern. Wet lacquer lustre and deep shade. Significantly change the color. In daylight he wet asphalt, with electric — brown taupe.

This shade dries long. After waiting an hour spent with nail edge (painted in two layers) and got this groove:

Makes a tool for quick drying. But not in the form of nail Polish! Normal fluid. With its help the paint to dry for 20-30 minutes. And top coat with quick drying effect is not helping. On the contrary, it seems that the varnish will not dry out ever.

But if he has dried out capital, it will stay on gel nails indefinitely. By the way, I painted live and toenails — doing great!

Bought as well as the first shade for 1399 RUB.

Rating 4 out of 5 for difficulty drying.

The best part about Dior Vernis lucky is a modern, deep, unusual hues and a very comfortable brush.

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