Avon apologises for the advertising of anti-cellulite cosmetics

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Avon is demonstrating its flexibility in relations with consumers, apologizing for the slogan of their anti-cellulite cosmetics: “Dimples should be on your cheeks and not on the hips”.

The scandal was provoked by the actress Jamilah Jamil, which many know for her role in the TV series “Good place” from Netflix. She is also known for his desire to do away with the fact that people are ashamed of their body, through its extremely popular platform I Weigh.

It Jamila, published a post on Twitter, first announced the fact that this is a disgrace to women. “And yet all have dimples on the thighs, I have you, and even the clowns at @AvonUK, of course. Enough to shame women, to mention age, weight and cellulite. It is an inevitable, completely normal things. To make us fear them and try to “fix” them – it means literally to set us up for failure”.

It is worth noting that the company not only apologized for making the mistake, but promised to do more. “We heard you and we apologize – said in a message posted on Instagram account of Avon. – We are confused in our advertising Smooth Moves Naked Proof. Want you to know that we are working diligently to remove this message from our marketing materials. Again, we sincerely apologize and want you to know that we are working on ourselves. We love our community of women. We fully support our community in love to your body”.

Just a few hours instead of the controversial slogan, new – “Every body is beautiful”. It is noteworthy that these words were taken from another post Addition: “Every body is beautiful, even if it has “drawbacks”, I think. What a gross breach of a positive attitude to the body. I want you all watched this constant manipulation, because we are constantly being manipulated by playing our hatred”.

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Note that Avon is working on becoming a more flexible company, focused on digital technologies, and the latest research on social networks show that in the digital age, the company managed to win popularity.

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