Avon completely abandoned the testing of cosmetics on animals


Avon Products becomes the first beauty company in the world, which managed to stop testing their products on animals in all countries where it operates, including China.

Avon Products stopped all of the required testing for animal testing, making it the first international company to sell cosmetics, which have stopped all animal testing of cosmetic ingredients and products for all their brands.

The direct sales giant will no longer carry out mandatory tests on animals anywhere in the world, including China, and intends to work with its suppliers of ingredients to ensure that they are not tested on animals. Jonathan Myers, chief operating officer of Avon, said: “Our company does not believe that animal testing is needed to confirm the safety of the product and not testing products on animals anywhere in the world. We will continue to push for greater adoption of humane alternatives.”

Charitable organization for protection of animal rights PETA has recognized the company’s achievements, adding it to your list of companies “working on legislative changes”. Mr Myers said: “We are delighted and proud to receive this recognition from PETA. The company appreciates the willingness of PETA for dialogue and intends to continue our relationship. The recognition of PETA confirms our long-standing and active participation in the development and promotion of test methods not involving animals, and also reflects a deep commitment and willingness Avon to the changes, developed over many months of discussions.”

Kathy Guillermo senior Vice President PETA said: “PETA was impressed with the commitment of the company to cease animal testing and to promote the development and adoption of methods not related to animals. We are pleased to continue to cooperate with the company as it works with suppliers on their policy of testing on animals for the ingredients used in the products of Avon”.

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Governing laws on the testing of cosmetics on animals in China do not allow cosmetic companies to declare themselves to be free from abuse in the case of sales of their products in this country. Avon’s decision to stop all animal testing is an innovative step, which will undoubtedly have implications for the whole beauty industry.

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