Avon launched its first vegan line of cosmetics

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This week in the UK on sale skin beauty range from Avon Distillery after several years of scientific research. In addition, the company in 2020 will represent vegan makeup.

Line of care products for the face includes cleansing balm, day cream SPF25, night cream, powder with vitamin C and cleansing oil. Each of the products can be purchased individually or in sets. Manufactured using a range of concentrates and made up with the use of distillation to increase the effectiveness of the products.

The line is Distillery available for order in online stores, as well as through Avon representatives across the UK. In the near future, the novelty will appear on the market in other countries. Gina Gura, Executive Director of the team on innovations, said: “Avon operates in more than 50 countries, and after launching in the UK, many of these markets also will introduce Distillery”.

Ms. Gura also stated that vegan brand needs to attract both new and existing clients seeking a range of options to meet personal preferences. Consumers should also be important that the products have been clinically tested, and their production does not cause adverse effects to the environment.

In particular, the packaging is recyclable wherever possible, and all the compositions contain a minimum amount of water. Face cream SPF25 was also made from 100% mineral sunscreen components. “Distillery is a new brand from Avon, which admires the pure beauty without compromise. Avon is fully committed to the values of a growing number of socially conscious consumers and diverse preferences in beauty.”

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James Thompson, chief brand Manager of Avon, said that the company’s product range meets current consumer sentiment and trends in the beauty industry: “Consumers are increasingly concerned about products that contain unknown chemicals and choose the natural product. They know that all their purchases, including cosmetics, has consequences and affects the planet. Distillery is a significant step for Avon and the result of years of research aimed at creating the most effective deals of natural cosmetics available in the market at a competitive price.” The cost of cosmetics care face Avon Distillery varies from 17 to 25 euros.

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