Back to the basics. Remedies for facial tone

Another nostalgic post I have matured. And all because I recently spent the night at my parents, and in the morning I have somewhere to be had, but I forgot to take my make-up. Well, I had to use mom’s. And that’s when she gave me her box of makeup, I was stunned. I saw what memories have got by themselves) Here is my first concealer, love in the distant past, the powder Foundation, which I repeated to the banks… OOO, how long ago it all was!

Most interesting, once I bought it and my mother and her so loved (apparently) and since then she, too, reiterates buy, so it all came up that she was not going to rack their brains to new choices. It through me have passed dozens of Foundation, powders and concealers since then, and my mom this set of tonal resources is not changed.

And, of course, I wanted to remember what I liked and why.


Attention! Write about the shades that are available. I have tried other shades, but for now that is))



Lancome Teint Miracle 02

The first purchase happened in 2013 was quite spontaneous. I repeated more than once, and took the colors for the whole year — in winter and transitional 010 020 (he usually fought with me on the remains of a tan, but now pale skin nice restorefile)

So narrow and tall glass bottle. The design I do not like is unstable, so I have mostly in the supine position. Plastic cover. And everywhere roses, roses…

If you look closely, you can see, nanodimer, as in the lucky Chanel)))

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The dispenser is plastic, very convenient. One pressing enough for me to cover the entire face. I usually squeeze out the tone on the back of your hand as a palette and then carry the brush on the face.

The consistency is quite Teint Miracle liquid, dense straw is not, and tries to escape with his hands. Very light and weightless, but perfectly conceals all your blemishes, red spots, other small stuff… not Bad evens out the overall complexion, but not so that it became flat, a puppet, its skin with its contouring still lurks)) is Declared as a moisturizer. Yes, he is not liked, but what about moisture will not say exactly, because I think that it moisturizes my skin serum and cream.

Teint Miracle does not lie in the mask does not sink into pores, does not accentuate peeling or wrinkles. Smells something floral, I smell another smell 5 minutes after application.

Reflective particles contained in Teint Miracle, give a glow (not Shine!), madly refreshes the skin. Why do we have meteorites?)) I love this effect — sleek, well-groomed appearance without the use of additional products.

Very resistant, to the end of the day rests on my normal skin intact.


Before and after, as usual:

Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer 02 Medium

Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer I bought for the first time in 2011 or 2012, and since then for many years it was and even is not going to change anything. Standard tube 15 ml some bottomless, it seems that will never end. The narrow spout gives the right amount of money. But it leaks, causing dirty. Try to keep “upside down”.

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The Helena Rubinstein concealer in shade 01 I normally used from November to April, and 02 — may-October.

As tone, is like and light texture, but very good coverage. Ie bruises under his eyes overlaps with a Bang, but folds is not clogged. There is no need in the day to check and touch up the coating, as happens with some concealers. The skin does not dry. Perfect product. I have now in course there are others, too, worthy products, but I still HR Magic Concealer I have hanging in the eternal wish list for the next repetition.

Without anything:

With concealer:

Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder 07 Matte Neutral

Well, it’s just very nostalgic. I can’t even remember what year he first tried this powder. And so we met again!

I still love this “malachite” design, I still consider it one of the most advantageous among the other black and silver casings.

Powder we press on 10 grams, and it kind of just never-ending. A couple of years it will take to finish.

Shade 07 Matte Neutral really neutral. Even now, on pale skin it’s neutral — neither warm nor cold, simply virtually invisible.

Well, since the powder goes translucent, suitable for summer, to darker skin.

Powder claimed as matting, but in fact lays down a veil. To me it is nothing matting, I use it only as a finish for fixing makeup.

The pores and peeling stresses is not. During the day, does not oxidize and keeps the original coverage of 4 hours, after which reveals a peek of skin. I dust with them not a burden and not additionally pripudrivayut.

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Very light grinding of the smallest. Reminded me of my Shiseido Translucent Powder is invisible.

One Foundation Lancome Teint Miracle:


Here are Swatch 02’s, shades and tones of concealer on my arm now, but the powder is generally invisible:

But in a General way the difference of darker shades than my skin, almost invisible:

Which means you were one of the first and that is as much loved?

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