Balm-the lip scrub Honey Sephora

My skin care consists of lip scrub, balm and mask. Today we are talking about the scrub Sephora.

Manufacturer information

Shea butter and honey, terrific flavor, nourishing texture takes care of lip skin every day.
The sugar particles to exfoliate and smooth.

Perfect before applying lipstick.

My impressions.

This is not a scrub — it’s cheating.

I ran out of favorite Lush scrub, so a little of this, it is also removed from production. I decided not to get upset and buy something new.
Market research skarbow lips led me to Sephora Honey lip scrub.

Packaging — mimimi. Thick cardboard, and inside is plastic and shiny metal. Keep hands nice, open here and there too. Cardboard is not deformed in the process.

Smells like honey pretty natural.

Light yellow color stick on the lips clear.

Rare abrasive particles were only in the first inch of the stick and there was nothing they otshelushivaet. They are soft and instantly melt/dissolve, without having anything to utskrivet. And from the second millimeter went regular conditioner and sometimes it gets some kind of particle of scrub.

This is a photo of the new stick. See individual grains of something.

The balm is very oily texture and sweet taste. Not sticky. Lies on the lips and is not absorbed.

Nourishes and moisturizes. It is. Even though I’m upset with this product, but I can not estimate its positive side.

That smeared on his hand. You can see a couple of particles in this fat weight.

If I wanted to open a while, the stick gets stuck/sticks in the case. Moreover, this thing had tricked her way into my house, and forcing yourself to use it.

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And throw a pity, as the balm is good. Don’t risk putting in the bag like Hiking because I’m afraid that it will melt and leak.

In General, whether it’s a marriage of one particular scrub, or a manufacturer defect in the whole product.

So I went in search of a lip scrub.

Price: 350 RUB.

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