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Good day, dear readers!

Today I decided to write a post about three products of the Russian brand Crust, which I use on a regular basis with mid-July. It’s a cream-gel, cleansing mousse and revitalizing mask.

Let’s start in order β€” with the Cleansing mousse for sensitive oily skin with prebiotic Bark. Plastic bottle volume 160 ml dispenser-pump that converts the liquid into a light foam. The dispenser is not very easy and evenly pressed over the optional cover. Composition:

On a round surface you can see not very much πŸ™

Mousse is designed for cleansing dry and sensitive skin. I have that, I recently worked in a large business center, where the air is fully air-conditioned and is very dry, and my skin didn’t like it by mid β€” day the pores became huge and provide a lot more sebum than normal circumstances.

Now, by the way, I work in a different place, and this reaction doesn’t bother. But the reason to buy a new care instead of ending the old one for oily skin was at the time significant, and overall, my skin should be attributed to the bold type, just not as active it secretes sebum, as it was in particularly dry air conditions.

The mousse promises subcontrol, moisturizing and soothing effect. Pump looks like this:

Specially pressed on the dispenser to show the texture of the mousse.

The dispenser gives out is not very dense the foam, it spreads easily over the face. I use it as a second step cleanser after a micellar water. The eye can pinch. Has a pleasant smell, reminiscent of a chewy candy with a sour taste, I like it. After washing is not felt.

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Mousse copes well with its task β€” to remove from the face of makeup residue and sebum, you can use it in the morning and in the evening, it does not dry the skin (my fat for sure), does not wet. Irritations and any other adverse reaction not the cause, the consumption is small, a month and a half of daily use 1-2 times a day left no more than a third of the bottle. Helps to maintain skin in normal narisawa condition, the fat content is not particularly affected, the inflammation quiets.

Price β€” about 300 p.,

Assessment β€” 4, good workhorse.

Hereinafter, the mask, or rather, a Spa mask update with organo-mineral complexes.

Packaging is the usual tube with a hinged lid, 100 ml of the Composition and the promise of the photo:

The mask is also provided for oily and problematic skin (and even for tired or Mature).

The consistency of a clay mask, just more fat on the face does not freeze, the texture creamy, the color of such a grayish-green, vaguely reminiscent of the smell of seaweed, fresh, not annoying, but not particularly enjoyable.


Mask of miracles does not create, however, the tone evens out (briefly), the skin looks after it rested and fresh. Fat also nothing happens, but it helps to keep the skin in good condition, does not provoke inflammation, inhibits the appearance of new and existing soothing. The manufacturer offers 2 options using the mask:

I apply in the shower, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 20, to massage consistently lazy. Use 2-3 times a week, repeating it is unlikely I will continue the search, the mask is quite ordinary.

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The price β€” about 450 p.,

rating 4.

And the Bark is cream-gel with Shea butter – a bottle with a dosing volume of 30 ml. Dispenser is not the most convenient, but times 3 get used to it and you have friends.

Promise lifting effect, drainage, moisture

This is my first cream eyeshadow, I’m 26, no problems with them, on the upper eyelids skin zhirnovat, shadows love to slide. The presence of bruises in the style of “hi, I’m not getting enough sleep”, and occasionally, if the evening was languid and had a lot of tea or something, some swelling.

The texture is a light cream, absorbs quickly on the makeup is not affected. Concealer slides on it. The composition was on the box, I threw it out πŸ™ the Main active ingredient, Shea butter.

In General, for an inexperienced suit β€” less swelling, moisturize enough, makeup is not a hindrance, the smell of light cosmetic. Bought for furniture, you can tell because 26 β€” and so already have :))) and the concealer dries. Cream use morning and evening, the consumption is small, and as many as 30 ml.

The price β€” about 450 p.,

rating β€” 5, I like it.

It’s a pretty big post, thanks to everyone who came to the end, I hope this was helpful information.

Overall grade Bark happy stable good quality, the products work, I haven’t seen that out of hand, and frustration, I tried another acid mask and a pair of nourishing creams. I’ll probably try other lines.

I’m Christina, good day to all πŸ™‚

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