Base for shadows Artdeco Eyeshadow Base

All bases base!

Today I want to show you a base that is able to transform any shade in — Artdeco Eyeshadow Base. For many years before applying makeup I will use special bases for durability and more brightness of makeup. As a rule, almost all tools I tried (and there were different items 6-7), with the exception of Avon, well kept shade. Artdeco base already praised so many people, but it can be considered a legend, as cinemaniac I just could not pass up.

Actually I don’t like the packaging, much easier to squeeze product from the tube or apply with a sponge than to pick out from the jar.

The texture of the base is a thick cream that just melts from the heat of your fingers. In a lot of the shiny pieces, I initially thought that because of this it will not fit under a matte shadow, but it is not, it only enhances the Shine of satin and the matte finish has virtually no effect. Own color has on the skin is not noticeable, except that shining track is visible. Separately, I note a strong smell similar to men’s fragrance, at first it was strained, and now do not notice it.

The skin base is almost not visible

‘ve read many times that the base is blamed for quick drying. Before writing the post I used it for four months, but the texture during this time had not even begun, it can be seen in the photo on the trail of the finger.

After 2 months of use

After 4 months of use

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The main advantages of base Artdeko — it truly makes the shadows much brighter, even the most hopeless, and prolongs their durability. I don’t think about how my makeup looks, even in the hottest weather. For clarity, we show how to transform a different shade:

And a few make-UPS:

As you can see, Matt shadows still remain as such

Price — 300-400 p.

Rating is 5.

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