BASF received awards at the BSB Innovation Prize 2020


BASF Care Creations was awarded the BSB Innovation Prize 2020 in several categories. This includes the methodology for protection from the sun – EcoSun Pass and also the ingredients Texapon SFA and Inolixir.

EcoSun Pass from BASF took first place in the category “Concept”. This solution is a methodology designed for sun protection, which assesses the environmental compatibility of the systems UV filters in sunscreens. The methodology supports the transparent assessment of UV-filters, based on recognized international criteria and includes eight different parameters: the biodegradation and toxicity in the aquatic environment to potential endocrine disorders.

EcoSun Pass not only takes into account the environmental factors for individual UV filters, but also provides a comprehensive environmental assessment of the filter systems, regardless of vendor.

Texapon SFA from BASF se took second place in one of the subcategories of the category “Cosmetics”. It is a mild anionic surfactant based on sustainable, RSPO-certified renewable resources. According to the company, the product is gentle to the skin and eyes, making it ideal for delicate baby skin, and also for formulations of shampoos marked “without tears”. Clinical trials have shown that formulations with Texapon SFA does not cause burning eyes, easily affect skin and mucous membranes and create thick, stable and creamy foam.

Texapon SFA (disodium 2-sulfolene) according to the manufacturer, is biodegradable and is an alternative to the sulfate surfactants. The product enhances the action of cationic polymers in shampoos and detangles hair, even when added to the composition that do not contain polymers.

Inolixir took third place in the category “Natural active substances”. This component is a concentrated biologically active ingredient of chaga mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus). In BASF claim that this ingredient strengthens the natural protection system of the skin, strengthening the barrier function and microvascular network, working to restore skin to a more healthy state, reducing wrinkles, dark circles and redness.

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