Baths of wine, leeches and bees: the 19 most bizarre beauty treatments of the stars

Gisele Bündchen

From the “vampire facelift” and baths with red wine to soda is balm conditioner for hair and magnetic clay mask for buttocks SPLETNIK.RU gathered 19 of the most unusual, strange and sometimes frightening beauty treatments of celebrities.


Model Victoria’s Secret, lais Ribeiro, Isabeli Fontana and Alessandra Ambrosio often make during his speech. During unusual procedure, the hair divided into small sections, curl into a bundle, and then quickly and deftly burnt at the ends over a candle flame. It is believed that this is a great way of getting rid of split ends.

The Brazilian technique literally burns the damaged hair. Thermal treatment also makes the hair cuticle more receptive to nutrients, the hair becomes silky and soft. However, those who decided on such an extreme haircut, is a lot of time the procedure takes about three hours.

Sunscreen instead of highlighter

Surely you have heard about some pretty crazy hacks contour (contouring using a normal spoon to use “Snickers” as a bronzer), but recently, Joan Smalls had shown that in creativity there is no limit to perfection. The model told Us Weekly reporters that does makeup… sunscreen. Star does it on the cheekbones and protruding parts of the face instead of a highlighter (it is shiny not worse). By the way, a clever method Smalls have adopted and Beyonce.

Joan Smalls

Clay for bowel cleansing

The late night show with David Letterman Shailene Woodley admitted that on an empty stomach eating a spoon of clay. According to most Actresses, this method of cleansing the body she was advised not a doctor, but… the taxi driver the African. He told the star that in his country, clay is considered an essential product for pregnant women and helps to cleanse the body of heavy metals and radioactive substances. More Shailene sun bathing suits — for a vagina.

I’d like to give the vagina a little vitamin D. I was reading an article by a specialist who studies diseases of the sexual system, and, in his opinion, there is nothing better than vitamin D. If you feel tired, go air, walk an hour under the sun and watch how you energy.

Shailene Woodley

Cranberry juice is a hair mask

When Nicole Kidman was a redhead, she cared for hair with cranberry juice. Actress after washing the top was rinsed with a decoction of cranberry. Star sure is a great alternative to expensive masks. The drink was making hair shiny, silky and gave them a beautiful shade.

Nicole Kidman

Coca-Cola to wash your hair

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Sookie Waterhouse, too, can safely be called a lover of “folk” remedies for hair care. The model washes his blond curls Coca-Cola.

I don’t like it when my hair is clean — they are too thin, soft and moreover shove, so sometimes rinse their soda. Coca-Cola makes them shredded, as if I have visited somewhere in the Amazon.

— told the star in an interview with US Weekly.

Honey and beer instead of conditioner

The author of one of the original recipe Catherine Zeta-Jones. In an interview with Mail Online, the actress said that uses a mix of honey and beer instead of a balsam conditioner.

Of course, then some days I smell like a brewery, but it is very good for the hair!

In 2005 she was recognized as the celebrity with the most luxurious hair, however, thick and shiny hair wife Michael Douglas to be envied now.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Brushing your teeth with strawberries

Catherine Zeta-Jones once told that the tooth whiteness is obliged strawberries (not fashionable nowadays pasta with coal!).

I brush my teeth grated strawberries with baking soda. The dentist told me that it is a great natural remedy for teeth whitening and it really works.

Rejuvenation with bee venom

Gwyneth Paltrow — she still playful. As the actress confessed in an interview The New York Times, she became interested in apitherapy, which is used in bee venom and their bites for medical purposes, after learning that the way they treat wounds and scars. Testing this method on yourself, Paltrow believes that this field of cosmetology should be developed because it is truly effective.

I’m open to all. This therapy is used for more than a thousand years. It is very effective. But how it hurts!

Revelations stars are already interested in “green”. The fact that apitherapy is suitable only special kind of bees, the population of which, with the popularization of the procedure is reduced. Animal rights activists have already declared that do not make this method trend, as it threatens the extinction of bees.

Gwyneth Paltrow whiten teeth with olive oil

Fan of natural toothpastes and prefers conventional oil. Gwyneth Paltrow said on her website Goop that she is caring for the oral cavity with the help of natural remedies.

I discovered a mouth rinse with coconut oil. He needs to be held in the mouth for about 10-20 minutes. This method is great for oral health and also well whitens teeth. Please note that the procedure should be carried out on an empty stomach, — said the star.

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Vinegar is a tonic

Scarlett Johansson sure natural products for skin care is much more effective than harsh chemicals. That is why the actress for acne is using Apple cider vinegar.

If you have problem skin with acne, many acne and black spots, this is the better solution. It normalizes pH of the skin and acts on it just like a tinted moisturizer, texture aligning and imparting a healthy glow. Vinegar, though not very nice smell, but really effective!

“Vampire” facelift

Fashion plasmolifting started after the world saw the photo of Kim Kardashian where her face was covered with a “bloody mask”. During the procedure the skin is administered the drug, created on the basis of the patient’s own blood. Initially, the platelet-rich plasma, used in therapy to regenerate after injuries of muscles, tendons, ligaments, as well as to stimulate bone growth and healing process.

If you believe Kim, after the procedure, she smoothed out the wrinkles, and facial contours become more clear (though studies proving the effectiveness of charm techniques, yet not so much).

Kim Kardashian

Bar Refaeli

Rejuvenation leeches

On an American talk show demi Moore has revealed the secret of his youth. She admitted that after visiting Austria became a fan of leech therapy, and that this is the procedure now helps her to keep beauty.

Of course, this is no ordinary leech, and medical. They have a special enzyme that they secrete when they bite. When they stick to you almost from the first seconds you feel the cleansing of the body. That doesn’t look good. It is especially difficult in the first few minutes to get used to the fact that you creeps something shiny and slippery, while it still bites you, it gets your blood.

Demi Moore

Milk instead of thermal water

According to rumors, instead of thermal water from the store supermodel Cindy Crawford uses hand-made tool. She pours in a spray bottle of water and milk in equal proportions and moisturizes your face as needed throughout the day. Only if you use her recipe, remember that you need to take milk pasteurized (not sterilized) — it retains the beneficial micro-organisms.

Victoria Beckham rejuvenated mask from chicken manure

The wife of David Beckham is said to be an admirer of the traditional Japanese procedure, during which the face is applied to the excrement of birds. This mask for rejuvenation of the skin is called an ancient alternative to Botox because it was first used in the 17th century geishas. The mask of nightingales droppings (and birds previously kept on a special diet of berries and seeds), brown rice and water helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, making the skin becomes soft and radiant. All this is “aromatic” pleasure about 135 euros. Moreover, the effect of the procedure so liked Victoria, she even bought a cream with the same components and uses them at home. I wonder how David responds to unusual beauty preferences wife…

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The essential oil of grapefruit to reduce appetite

Nutritionists advise to drink before meal a glass of clean water, and Jennifer Lopez sniffs grapefruit oil to suppress appetite. Scientific similar effect is not proven, but doctors clarify that in any case, and aromatherapy won’t harm you.

Jennifer Lopez

Anti-age-mantra from j-Lo

Not a secret, 48-year-old Jennifer Lopez skin and a body like a goddess. To keep youth helps her not ambrosia. Singer every day repeats the same mantra: “I’m young and age me not bossy.” Moreover, in her house, lots of pillows, which are painted with this magic phrase.

It sounds like bullshit, but age is just in your head. Look at Jane Fonda.

Wine baths

Wine lovers are unlikely to be realized Teri Hatcher star of Desperate Housewives literally translates valuable beverage. She adds in the tub with two glasses of dry red wine. This method is used since ancient times. Wine stimulates cellular blood flow and strengthens blood vessels. The skin after such bath is rejuvenated and becomes more supple, soft and hydrated.

Teri Hatcher

Yoga for the face

Rashida Jones admits that although she doesn’t know, does yoga for the face to stay young, she still dutifully attends classes several times a week.

During practice we work with facial muscles, strain, stretch and relax them. Perhaps such exercises seem to be terribly stupid and ridiculous, but I sincerely want to believe that they work!

Rashida Jones

Clay mask for buttocks

About the fact that Madonna uses spray with rose water she sprays on children for educational purposes, we already know. But mask of the buttocks, and even magnetic, it’s something new. This tool can be found in the author’s line MDNA.

We have the Pope, too, has skin! Do other people not looking at your butt? They also have audience! At least one viewer. However, to apply it and wash assistance is required.


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