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As a child, my mother was allowed to paint the lips only glitter. Needless to say that for more than 10 years I have never had one?) And now I think I have played enough with lipsticks and wanted to have the option of a comfortable sudovogo Shine. And so it was that I almost at once there were all these guys: Becca Glow Gloss, Marc Jacobs Enamored Lacquer Gloss and lip Stick Jouer lip gloss Sheer Pigment and Gloss Fenty Bomb. Longed, with the detailed comparisons!

Glitter… almost all the same color???? Simply because to the colored glitter I’m still not Mature enough, too much lipstick, but I wanted to try all the fancy textures that are now available on the market. About textures and formulas will be discussed. Let’s get started!

Jouer Sheer Pigment Lip Gloss in the shade Diamond Walk.

The first gloss that I ordered. I want to note: this is Sheer Pigment, jouer there is still a range of High pigment, which is like a varnish lipstick, I love it when my lip color Shine through.

The packaging is simple but elegant: a plastic square in cross-section tube, small, easy to hold in hand and put in my purse (which I do). On the one hand a strange groove, I assume that the glitter can be read together with other products. Theoretically convenient, but the appearance is spoiled.

Applicator: beveled small, compact, apply glitter convenient. Of product enough for one lip)

The luster is lovely, the shade Diamond Walk — this is a typical pink-Ludowy, “your lips, but better”. I smell something sweet, like cherry candy, the smell is unobtrusive and quickly leaves. Evens out lip color, but it does not cover completely. Apply a thin, not sticky, feels pretty good. In the folds bleeding. Due to the fact that is applied thinly, gives a solid vinyl Shine. The composition is coconut oil, which all of the gloss is the most moisturizing. After his lips very soft and well maintained. A great option for every day!

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Price: 17$ or 15 pounds

Weight: 6 g

Manufacture: United States.

Rating: 10/10

Becca Glow Gloss in the shade Opal.

Shine, with the arrival of Sephora in Russia became so available and unavailable at the same time???? (I’m talking about how difficult it is now to order)

Beautiful case in the form of a tube. Constantly compacted.

The applicator is not very convenient — it’s too long for me so it loses Jouer, but it’s an improvement.

The gloss smells strongly of sweet mint. I hate the smell, but thank God, he quickly disappears. Shade Opal, obviously, a reference to the famous highlighter, and there really is something in this. The base color is almost identical to the Jouer gloss, but Opal is slightly lightens the lips and in addition, has a bunch of light-reflecting particles. Because of this, it is much more radiant than Jouer. Better smoothes lip texture, but sometimes can be a bit numb in the folds. Not drying, but not moisturizing.

Price: 2040 RUB or 22$

Weight: 5 g

Manufacture: United States.

Rating: 7/10

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer lip Gloss in shade of Cream and Sugar.

It is a mini version from a set, but use this product looks the same. Very elegant tube, nice to hold in your hand.

The applicator is a flat spatula. For my taste not very comfortable, love the classic cut.

This gloss also smells very sweet mint, but what can you do. More viscous, but not sticky. The color is amazing! Beautiful mother-of-pearl base with gold particles. On the lips is in any case not felt. The glossy and shining. Instantly gives lips volume. Beautiful and nudewww lipstick, and solo. Love!

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In natural light

In the electric light

Price (its full-sized): 2220 rubles or 28$

Weight: 5 g

Manufacture: United States.

Rating: 9/10

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in the shade Mocha Choco-Lata!

So take in hand, think sparkle, and it is as if there is… where you expect to see cap and applicator — tube, and the fact that you believed yourself Shine, just cap-snag)

This gloss stick, and this line of lipsticks (lipsticks?) Russia didn’t deliver (yet). The design of the lipstick struck me as odd — she gets out with a click and not going back (!) Cut — round drop. Paint convenient, but the fact that it is not twisted, a little unnerving. To see how much of the product is impossible, the weight — well, very little.

In fact it is really like in the title, “stick out Shine” ???? Because lipstick is not called. The product melts instantly when applied and lays down the finest non-stick layer. Feels like a gloss (smells too, by the way, again, this sweet mint!). Shade of natural pink-beige with gold reflective particles, but to be honest, this is almost not visible — the Shine just a little brings out the natural color of the lips.

The only advantage of this miracle, in my opinion, can be applied without a mirror. It may make sense to take some colored versions, but this product did not impress me.

Price: 28$

Weight: 2.1 g (!!!)

Production: Japan

Rating: 5/10

Fenty Beauty Bomb Lip Gloss Universal Luminizer in shades of Fenty Glow

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The sweet left for dessert)Given that Fenty beauty in the near future will appear in Russia, I think, will be important.

Oh how much I wanted this beauty! Thick hexagonal tube with space inside????

The applicator is the same impressive (Hello shape tape), super convenient!

Out of all the glosses, I think it’s really something special. Luster malleable, viscous, lies a fairly thick layer, it is completely not sticky at all! It smells fruity-sweet, I really like it. When the application creates the effect of a mirrored surface — so it evens out the surface of the lips, and numerous shining particles give lips volume. The glitter does not cover your own lip color, its a bronze undertone rather enhances the brightness of your own, and really, that shade is absolutely universal. In addition, it is cheaper than all the others, having more of their product (though I suspect that the profitability of the product will be offset by the prices in Russia).

Now I want all the shades, and you are advised to look closely how it will appear in selling.

In natural light

In the electric light

Price: 18$

Volume: 9ml

Production: USA

Rating: 10/10

And now all the applicators in comparison:

And a comparative Swatch of all the lip glosses:

I think I managed to convey the difference in density of texture

Thank you for your attention! Hope was useful)

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