Beautician on vacation: what did it cost to leave home

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Every time when collecting the selling of cosmetics, I think my brain leaves me, because I’m starting to think that I definitely need to bring in that huge jar of fat for the body butter, but this lipstick is perfect for swimsuit. Lipstick to the bathing suit? OSTANOVIS! But now, after vacation, I can take a sober look at your makeup and realize that I really need, and what the companions without the use took place.

So, first I want to clarify that my vacation took place in a hot country on the beach, so the makeup I tried to collect the relevant queries. Not all I took was me involved, but first let’s talk about what really knowingly held a place in my suitcase.

What I have used.

If you like I can burn almost from the moonlight, we advise you to pay attention to my two favorite satellites of this holiday is the Mask after-sun c watermelon from Sephora and Soothing gel for the face and body with aloe Vera tea toc water from A;T FOX.

Mask with watermelon uz consists of two parts — a face mask, and the mask on décolleté, cools and refreshes the skin, removes heat, smells faintly of melon. Took two, but only needed one:) the Second remedy is aloe Vera gel (which is handled in bottle with dispenser) I extremely disliked as a facial — all of these gels on the contrary I it tighten, and do moisturize — so he found great application as the rescue of charred bodies — at night, I generously smeared their flaming body parts and — Oh, miracle! — in the morning it was burning red shoulders! I like a man, always burn the first day and suffering then the whole vacation is incredibly lucky to have found a solution:)

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Another obligatory guests in my purse — it patches.

Pull a jar of hydrogel — you know, not the best option, so I did the patches individually Upakovka from Garnier “Moisture + Fresh look” and an eye Mask with lychee from Sephora.

Litchi is liked more, but I won’t say that they have some special distinction, and the Grand effect — they just moisturize the skin under glazami about freshen up the look, taking a little morning puffiness. This, incidentally, was a great morning option — put the patches under sunglasses and go — and do not scare people, and the most pleasant.

Two companions — Bamboo creme frappe and Bamboo Matte Lotion fromErborian are great for jirou skin in the summer time: this lotion provides a refreshing and slightly mattifies, not pulling the skin, and the cream is a light gel substance, which does not overload the skin and very refreshing.

Hair mask for Daeng Gi Meo Ri EGG PLANET took to help dried in the sun and pool water hair. Took at random, just because of the small packaging, but it’s kazlas wonderful nourishing smoothing mask, whereby the hair is not prekratilis in tow, as it often happens I.

Face scrub 7 Day from CLINIQUE and Pure SOS Rebalancing Clay Mask from Clarins took just in case, if suddenly the skin starts to act up. And, Yes, after the flight the person demanded ochimusha mask and scrub was needed at the end of vacation — he’s actually very creamy and pleasant.

Gel Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and All About Eyes from CLINIQUE are my helpers in the night care. Not to say that moisturizing gel for the face I liked — he’s still too heavy for me, but the gel region around the eyes is very even nothing — for the morning bags are smaller than usual, and especially love how soft and velvety to the touch becomes the skin under the eyes after using this cream…)

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Another representative of CLINIQUE — Cream-foam cleanser rinse-off foaming cleanser mousse — was too nuclear, but had nowhere to go. Cleans up, strapped to an unpleasant person. As for me — it’s too much.

Toddler Dior Capture Youth threw just to try, but could use it only once — my eyes are awful on him, responded, began to tear in the area under the eyes began to sting — although I do not put the cream too close to the eyes. Ran right off, more try don’t want.

What is not useful.

Dry shampoo Lee Stafford BLow DRy your HAiR FASTER remains intact — I so every day washed the head and zapisivat it with something not wanted.

Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturize from Сlinique, matting and moisturizing cream for day and night cream were already engaged were untouched. By the way, I now finish a full-sized jar of this cream and can definitely say — do not buy. At all did not understand it — is film, not really mattes…

Balm makeup remover Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips fromСlinique also remained intact this time. About the cause will talk about below.

Shampoo and conditioner Erborian Yuza Fusion was pushed back quite a normal shampoo and conditioner from the hotel. Nothing, friends, your finest hour is yet to come!

Intensively moisturizing night facial mask Moisture Surge from Сlinique too was not the case. Took just in case that didn’t happen.

Shower gel Belcam bath therapy 3-in-1 Strawberries and cream, by the way, once I have used. More than did not — for me, this fragrance okazala terrible.

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What I took from decorative.What I was using….


Now I understand why the means for removing makeup were you doing?))

Yes, on vacation I didn’t use it completely:)

But the makeup I tried to gather with mind — take a light BB and concealer, many shining things — blusher, highlighter and even bronzer, satin, light dust and regular tools in my makeup for the eyebrows and contouring. But, really, a hotel stay is not a place where the hand reaches dekorativke)

Raskite and what you take with you on vacation? Go in prepared or you prefer to give the skin a rest not only from dekorativke, but also on the maintenance?

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