Beautiful skin with Sensai Satin Flawless Foundation SPF20 shade FS202 Ochre beige

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Fluid Foundation with a creamy texture Sensai Satin Flawless Foundation SPF20 shade FS202 Ochre beige.

Volume 30ml, made in Japan.

This concealer I wanted to try since its release.

The first thing noticed stylish product packaging: high quality cardboard, heavy glass bottle of streamlined shapes, black and beige Ombre… Aesthetics, the Japanese did not take away!

Under the lid is a convenient dispenser pump. Works flawlessly.

I was choosing the shade, afraid to lose, because buying online. Chose FS202 Ochre beige. Not quite got to your tone, the shade was darker than expected, but still with a peach undertone. But to his credit, the cream adjusts to the skin tone.

tried to catch the light which gives tone

Now my three mascara: Sensai warmer than the rest, noticeable its peach undertone, texture it the easiest of the trio.

From left to right: BB Aquamax Limoni #01, Chanel Perfection lumiere velvet #20, Sensai Flawless Satin # FS202 Ochre beige

The tone has a silky texture, smells good. The coating gives the average closer to the light, perfectly superimposed, evens tone, as if erasing redness, pigmentation. It smooths pores, not peeling stresses. Apply and distribute the cream can even hands, though the fingers will get a smooth tone with no spots or borders of the application. The team’s Koishimaru silk, the finest reflective dust, which diffuses the light well, blurit the skin.

The tone is not noticeable on the skin, the finish gives a live, is very fond of me! As for durability, on my combination skin tone is “live” all day under powder.

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An added bonus is the presence of SPF20. In the summer, struck the tone for a lotion or light cream, kept it well, the heat didn’t swim. This tone won’t appeal to fans of super-resistant dermatitis, matting, holders of oily skin just not worth it to look at him. It can advise the owners of dry skin, combination under the condition that you love foundations with a natural finish and not away in the middle of the day to blot the t-zone with a tissue or go over it with powder.

Go to the demonstration on face:

bare skinwith toneand closer…3750₽цена10/10оценка6 months, 5P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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