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Good day!

Firstly, I want to congratulate you with the onset of autumn. Into use back wine lipstick and gold lacquers, Burgundy shadow and purple blush. Beautician takes the form of slightly melancholic, makeup becomes a little darker, and we wrapped up in cozy scarves. I’d like to tell you about a cool literary, not afraid of the word accessory, which you can indulge in your favorite or butyricum friends and relatives. This is the Beauty Diary, made by the blogger Elena864, which begins with the fall season. If you are interested to consider it in more detail, welcome under kat.

So, the author of this diary suggests to use it as a diary, and as a planner and as a Board for rendering. The diary contains more than two hundred tips and lifehacks from the author, as well as QR codes, scanning which you can watch exclusive videos.

The diary is divided into four seasons — autumn, winter, spring and summer. It starts in the fall, and that is why the end of summer and beginning of autumn is the best time to purchase.

Each season section begins with the page with the motto. Next is the seasonal visualization, where the author invites us to glue, draw, paint and generally create and create its mood.

Following is a page where the author gives us a little list of tips and a blank space for the list hotelok.

Then we are invited schematically drawn female face, which apparently calculated that we paint him in tones of perfect seasonal makeover. And next is a sort of table, divided into care and makeup.

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And then have to go to only the pages on one side a beautifully designed tips. recommendations, recipes and life hacks, and on the other empty lined space that you can use for your records.

So, the first season is autumn.

Autumn is decorated in beautiful blue tones, in my opinion, not characteristic of autumn.

By the way, I’ve already started my list of fall hotelok, and even managed to buy some, and you?

An example of a fall tips this homemade mustard mask against hair loss, or perhaps offer to replace the shaving cream with hair conditioner. The advice of the author there is nothing brilliant, but they are collected in one place and really useful.

Next comes the winter season.

The winter is decorated in purple tones. Your winter shopping list I also have to figure out. What would I do without another meteor banks…

Winter tips — this, for example: buy finally, red lipstick. (Yes, it would be necessary in the end to buy…) And use masks for hair based on keratin. As you can see, the advice from there is applied, to an almost philosophical (and Yes, for me, buying a red lipstick is a philosophical question).

Season spring:

The spring version of this diary a turquoise-green. Very beautiful shade, by the way…

The spring tips are all in the same spirit: to refuse peels, to include in the care vitamin C. However, I always like to see similar tips handed out by doctors, not beauty bloggers, with all due respect to the author.

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And finally, summer:

Charming and very girly in pink tones. I am pleased that despite the 100% female target audience, the blog is not all corny pink as notebooks for first-graders, and very different depending on the season.

It is clear that in this section many tips related to sun protection and anti Shine face.


478 rubles at the official website of Exmo



In my opinion, this diary will be the perfect gift, at a more than reasonable price. It is perfectly decorated, I think it is functional and comfortable. It brings together a good list of recommendations, which I recommend to treat with healthy skepticism. I regularly watch videos of the author of this diary — Elena864, I can’t say that I unconditionally love everything she does, but this diary I think it is worthy commercial project. I’m glad I got it and I will be happy to use it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these few moments with me. Thank you very much for your attention!

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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