Beauty digest: collagen bed to breast enlargement on one day

Brand Kiehl’s has released a capsule collection of cosmetics on Russia (musthave brand dressed in limited edition packaging), Rihanna presented a silver highlighter Killawatt, the proceeds of whose sales will go to help the children, and H&M will have a wide range of flavors. What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — see our category “beauty digest”.

Collagen bed

At the clinic in London Harrods Wellness appeared an unusual service — a session of light therapy. A device resembling a king size bed, covered more than 18 thousand LEDs. They emit a combination of infrared and deep red light. The session lasts about 45 minutes (during this time, you have time to turn around). Therapy relieves muscle pain, relieves joint problems, beneficially influences the skin, soothes inflammation, and, according to the creators, even helps with eczema (it is strange that Kim Kardashian has not yet bought a bed).

The procedure leaves only pleasant sensations and even relaxing. Judging by the reviews, after it you feel like a new person. However, the price of fashionable procedure bites — as much as 200 pounds (about 16 thousand rubles).

Kiehl’s has released a capsule collection of cosmetics

Brand Kiehl’s was inspired by eight Russian cities, and created exclusive packaging with distinctive features of each. Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral and subway cars, St. Petersburg — St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the outlines of the roofs, Kazan — Kul Sharif and Zilant. In addition to these cities, inspiration for artists served as Samara, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-don.

Illustrations will adorn the best-seller brand: tonic calendula cream for the skin around the eyes with avocado, cream Ultra moisturizing Facial mask with white clay and other media. Hurry: the collection will be available in Kiehl’s boutiques by August 1. When buying you can also get a metal box with an illustration, a bag and a card with a Declaration of love to his hometown.

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H&M and perfumers Givaudan has introduced 25 new fragrances

H&M announced a collection of 25 new fragrances, created with the participation of the leading perfumers of Givaudan — the rising star of Nisrin Grillet and recognized professional Olivier Pesci (they were the authors of three new fragrances of the brand Kim Kardashian Fragrance KKW). In the Singles will include ten monoaromatic with a single note — vanilla, chocolate or Yuzu, Reveries will come in the form of toilet water and mist for the body, and a premium range of Essences, the key ingredients which will be sandalwood, patchouli or rose would come in the form of a perfume or perfume oil with ball applicator. They will go on sale in H&M stores and online on August 16, the price of food will range from 329 up to 1650 rubles.

Japanese plastic surgeons have figured out how to increase your breast one day

In Japan is gaining popularity unusual procedure, which lets you become the owner of a magnificent bust without surgery (though only by one day). Especially for those who are afraid of anesthesia and operations, the surgeons invented a non-surgical alternative to breast implants — “Polushkino breast augmentation”. Instead of implants, the patient is administered a half-liter of sterile saline. The procedure lasts only 20 minutes and enhances the Breasts by two sizes. Alas, the effect is temporary — after 24 hours, the saline will dissolve into the tissues, and your Breasts will return to normal. Insiders claim that for such an unusual method constantly use Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner. The cost of the procedure, by the way, two thousand dollars.

Beautyblender has released the first private Foundation

About 17 byteblastermv brand are sold every minute, on YouTube, you can find more than 325 thousand the video, which demonstrates the Beautyblender. Rea Ann Silva, makeup artist with more than 20 years of experience in film and television, now released the first private cosmetic. They became the Foundation Bounce Whip Long Wear Liquid Foundation in 32 shades, which will suit girls with different skin color.

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One of the features of Foundation — a square bottle with a recess in the form of byteblaster that allows you to comfortably apply the product on the sponge. It consists of hyaluronic acid, birch extract no parabens, sulfates, phthalates and oils. Foundation provides a velvety matte finish and suitable for vegans. The novelty is already available on the official website of the brand for $ 40.


Rihanna launched a charity version of highlighter Killawatt

Rihanna is not only the founder of the brand Fenty Beauty and enslaver of men’s hearts, but also a philanthropist. She founded her first charitable Foundation when she was only 18 to help terminally ill children, and has since been actively involved in its development. This week’s beauty mark singer Fenty Beauty Foundation and the Clara Lionel Foundation presented a joint beauty-tool — silver highlighter shade Killawatt Diamond Ballout. Shimmers / highlighters from the rest of the series it features the Fund logo, which is engraved inside. By the way, the new product can be used as eyeshadow.

All proceeds from the sale of highlighter will be used to Finance projects Clara Lionel Foundation, which focuses on education and health in poor communities around the world. In sale the novelty will appear on 1 August — exclusive on the website Fenty Beauty. By the way, anyone who bought new, will have the chance to participate in raffle tickets for the annual charity Diamond Ball Rihanna, which will be held in new York on September 13.


The collection of fragrances with meaning from Holynose Parfums

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For the first time with the Russian brand Holynose Parfums (“Holy nose”), we met at the “Lambada-market” in 2015, during this time, mark managed to acquire hundreds of loyal fans and releasing a dozen new fragrances. The creators of the brand are also looking for inspiration in the city and urban environment with its glass buildings, concrete walls and metal structures (hence concrete minimalist bottles of fragrances created manually).

And now, actually, about the perfume compositions. In the main collection there are three: “Rhythm”, “Nylon” and “Ashes” (by the way, to get acquainted with the trio, you can buy a set templom for 1 500 rubles). First woven from chords of puffed rice, pink pepper, mint, guaiac wood, currant with distinctive woody notes. The second is a mix of green banana, the heady chord whiskey, notes of white tea, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and musk. The third is our favorite, it’s not even ashes, but rather, the tobacco flavored with coriander and black pepper. It is thick and enveloping, like a strong PU-erh tea cream starts hot and spicy flashes, and then gradually settles down with grey amber and wood. Got in line and limited editions (from 12 500 rubles for 50 ml) with the same mysterious names — “Black”, “Sand”, “Boulevard”, “Excitement” and “Glow”.


Drawing lessons: manicure for artists

It seemed like we saw everything: manicure with live insects, nails, teeth and even nails with the image of the child Kylie Jenner. But the masters of the Moscow salon Nail Sunny still has something to surprise us. Users of the network struck an unusual (and probably very uncomfortable) manicure in the form of colored pencils. Now you can literally draw with your fingers (a trend especially for those who are nostalgic for elementary school). I wonder if the coloring of this manicure is attached?

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