Beauty digest: from a “smart” light alarm to balm with the flavor of Oreo


Nikki de Jager

The inventors of Philips came up with “smart” Wake-up light, which takes care of a pleasant awakening, and will teach breathing techniques before bedtime, Givenchy brand released its first line of cosmetics for men and women, and the brand Marc Jacobs Beauty has introduced her first adviser of the international level. They became the makeup artist Nikki de Jager, also known by his YouTube channel as NikkieTutorials. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Last week we were visited by Irina Shayk, the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, and today it became known who appointed the first consultant on the makeup brand. Meet Nikki de Jager! You’ve probably seen her popular beauty tutorials on YouTube (she is known under the name NikkieTutorials). Nikki make-up artist self-taught with a sincere love of beauty and passion for transformation with makeup.

On her YouTube channel and Instagram signed more than 11 million people from more than 145 countries. Now the girl is only 24 years old, but she has already worked with such stars as Kim Kardashian, drew Barrymore and Jesse Jay. She does very honest reviews on makeup and taking part in unusual make-up-the challenges. I’ve always believed that makeup is a form of expression, and there is no shame to eksperimentirovat his way. Have a similar Marc Jacobs Beauty “shameless” approach to beauty, and I admire that. So when several years ago they first sent me concealer Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation powder, I immediately fell in love with their products. Since then, I have great pleasure recently of the brand. And after last spring, I visited the show of Marc Jacobs at the fashion Week, we decided to find out how can change the beauty world for the better, by working together, says Nikki.

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Smart Wake-up light, which takes care of a pleasant awakening, and will teach breathing techniques before bedtime

If you have the morning rise — this is another test to help (almost like Chip and Dale) in a hurry Wake-up light Somneo Sleep&Wake-up Light from Philips. Even if the window is dark, the device simulates the dawn, filling the room with light and gradually increasing its intensity.

Fans claim that the awakening will be very enjoyable. For fifteen minutes before the set time the alarm will include one of the seven built-in tunes or your favorite radio station.

The sunset function helps the body to adjust to a “sleepy” mood. The light in the room will gradually fade and the music to become quieter, easier to sleep. You can choose one of the seven rhythms of change of intensity of light or sound to breathe in rhythm with closed eyes, to gently prepare for bed.

Somneo Sleep&Wake-up Light can even be connected to the mobile phone as a music column or used as a bedside lamp. It looks, by the way, nice and modern. It is a miracle technology 14 990 rubles.

The book is a plastic surgeon Anwar Salidjanov “How to become the best version of myself”

Anyone interested in plastic surgery will certainly be interesting to read a new book by Anwar Salijanov, MD, a plastic surgeon with 30 years experience “How to become the best version of yourself.” In it, he debunks common myths and shares the real stories of their patients.

The book, of course, does not replace a consultation with a specialist, but will answer many questions: “Who is liposuction?”, “How to choose breast implants?”, “What to do if the result of the plastic not to like?”. The author, it is easy (no complicated medical terms) and with humor tells what operations, how they pass and what to expect from the recovery period.

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Lip balm with the flavor of Oreo

Fans of the Oreo are willing to spend hours arguing which is better — chocolate chip cookies or white cream inside. Brand Taste Beauty offers to stop the senseless hostility and try a new lip balm with the aroma of this delicacy. However, there is one catch: the only way to obtain beauty-tool — to win it on The contest begins on February and ends on the sixth of March. All fans get ready!

Stick from corns from rubbing the skin on the thighs

When Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe and fashion blogger The Style 12ish, saying that she wants to build a business by selling sticks from rubbing the skin on the thighs, no one believed in the success of this venture. Friends and members of her family were sure that the product is too “niche” and the downloads will not use.
When I went to meetings with factories, I had to explain this idea to many people. They said, “what you mean, I don’t think my wife has a problem,” recalled Katie.

In the end, when in June of 2017 she released the stick Megababe Thigh Rescue, the product was sold out in just one week.
I don’t want to make people ashamed of it. We are trying to solve problems, which many still do not want to speak, and the big beauty brands ignored them!

says Sturino.

2017 Sturino began to produce hit after hit: Bust Dust (powder for under the breast), Megafresh (sheet body) and Rosy Pits — natural deodorant (now in the waiting list for it cost 13 000 people).

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Givenchy released its first line of cosmetics for men and women

After Chanel this year Givenchy is also to launch its first line of cosmetics for the stronger sex. Collection Misters are four new must-have product for men and women: concealer against dark circles Instant Corrective Pen Mister, translucent matifying stick for face Mister Matifying Stick, gel radiance Mister Healthy Glow Gel (it is, however, more like a bronze gel and highlighter) and a fixing brow gel Brow Mister Groom.

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