Beauty digest: from small labels, from acne to the flash mob in support of birthmarks

In Russia finally began to sell candles, diffusers and fragrances Zielinski & Rozen, natural cook of Scotland has created a mayonnaise ice cream, the network launched a flashmob in support of birthmarks. What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — read our material.

Beauty gadget of natural stone for beautiful cheekbones

And just what gadgets we haven’t even seen: and Luna from Foreo is a high-tech, and laser devices for rejuvenation, and all kinds of massagers with fancy bits! The creators of Gua Sha (“plate” or “scraper” — an exact translation into the Russian language there) went back and presented the simple beauty of the gadget similar to a plate or flat stone. With it, you need to do a light face massage once or twice a day. It is believed that it improves the circulation of lymph, tightens the skin, removes tension from the muscles and helps to sculpted cheekbones.

The procedure to handle even a novice — just gently move the stone from the centre to the periphery on the wet face (oil or gel to help). The plate is often made of jade or horn black Buffalo. There are exotic pink quartz and tortoise shell. The price of the wonder stone starts from 500 rubles.

A flashmob in support of birthmarks

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “Just because there was a flashmob in support of the pimples!” But now the girls around the world post pictures of their birthmarks on the face, accompanying them speak in hashtags #birthmarkgang and #birthmarkbeauty. Some girls even decorated their “marks” glitter for greater effect, and others have turned them into works of art using paint. Main message — we are all beautiful, no matter how we look, so do not hesitate and especially to pay attention to what they say about you around. Down with standards of beauty!

Miniature stickers from acne

We are thankful to Korean beauty experts for colony and BB and CC creams. The result of their latest developments — spot patches for acne. They are made from hydrocolloid, which sucks all the liquid out of the pimple and dries it out. The instructions say that the patch need to be worn for eight hours, so better stick it before bed. On the website Peach Slices inspired users say inflammation literally peel along with the patch. Oh, and the last argument that will convince you to look at the labels: the price is just 3.32 dollar!

New studies have shown that eyelash extensions have become more popular mascara

Perhaps the ink will soon be in the past. According to a new report from Business of Fashion, now girls prefer to build lashes, and do not buy another mascara. Last year, cosmetic companies have sold this tool for $ 8.1 billion (according to Euromonitor International), and already this year, these figures will be reduced by four percent. Experts attribute this to the fact that although the procedure to build up and lamination of the lashes and take more time, but the effect lasts a couple of months.

In Scotland invented mayonnaise ice cream

“People really enjoy when try it. Surprisingly, it looks and feels like ice cream — creamy and pleasant,” says the inventor of mayonnaise ice cream Kyle Gentleman, the shop owner, Artisan Ice in Scotland. Part of Goodies in just two products: milk and, you guessed it, mayonnaise. Now the unusual ice cream was much discussion on Twitter, and opinions are divided. Some say it’s much tastier than a sickly sweet chocolate cake, while others said that to even try such a novelty will not.

In America, breast-feeding is officially legalized

This week in all 50 States the right of mothers to breastfeed in public places was fixed by law. Regulations adopted in the States of Idaho and Utah. Thanks to innovations USA caught up with Australia and Britain, where women can publicly feed the children since 1984 and 2010. According to USA Today, the amendments in the laws were met with outrage by some of the representatives of the parties. For example, Republican curt Webb in the state of Utah believes that public breast-feeding can lead to promiscuity in society. He complained about the wording, according to which feeding is permitted, “regardless of whether the bare female breast before or during the process of feeding”. “I feel like women no longer need to cover up completely,” he added.

The launch of the brand Zielinski & Rozen in Russia

Zielinski & Rozen — artisanal perfume house, born in the alleys of old Jaffa in 1905, in Russia opened its first showroom and online store. The history of the brand is also the history of the family. Now the brand is headed by the alchemist of perfume and the ideology of Erez Rosen Zielinski, and all his recipes have a link to the beginning of the last century, when the secret formulas of the fragrances was engaged in his great-grandfather. Journey and adventure of Erez reflected in the selection of ingredients for his spirits, brought from different corners of the world. In Russia there are six fragrances in the form of spirits (4 500 rubles for 50 milliliters), diffusers for the home (from 2 500 roubles), candles (1 800 rubles), shampoos (1 825 rubles), scrubs (1 200 rubles), shower gels (1 675 rubles), liquid and solid soap (1 400 rubles) and cream (1 300 rubles).

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