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Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne became the new Ambassador of Dior lipsticks, Lush released a 54 (!) new “bombs” for bath, and the brand Yankee Candle have introduced a collection of candles dedicated to the branch. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Cara Delevingne in ads for Dior Addict Shine Stellar

Christian Dior believed that the pink color, one of his favorite colors-charms, is the color of happiness and femininity. Couturier was convinced that every woman should have at least one thing pink. To begin the creative Director of Dior makeup Peter Philips offers with Dior Addict Shine Stellar (2 850 rubles).

Novelty, which launched during Paris fashion Week, appeared in 16 glossy, four and four iridescent mirrored shades. All 24 shades of lipstick, each of them has pink pigment.

The formula is enriched with natural beeswax, aloe Vera and oils that promise to moisturize lips for 24 hours.

The face of the advertising campaign became a British top model and actress Cara Delevingne. Was responsible for the video directed by Gordon Von Steiner, and photos David Sims. Kara and creative Director of Dior makeup Peter Philips presented a novelty at a party in Shanghai.

Polina Askeri, Olga Ushakova and other celebrity guests art party L’oréal Professionnel

Loft Hall in Moscow hosted the art performance Shortcut To Cover party in honor of the reissue of the line styling tools TECNI.ART from L’oréal Professionnel. In space was organized by the special beauty of the area: guests can make styling with the new tools and to see a show with hits from GO Coppola, 13 Beauty by Black Star #lorealproguru and dance to techno music.

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And now directly about the products themselves. First, we updated not only the packaging but also the formula, plus there were five new funds: Air Pure Fix, Pure Fix Anti Frizz, Ring Light Pure, Savage Panache Pure and Transformer Texture. This new-transformers that changes its texture depending on the method of application.

Just TECNI.ART now 19 helpers for styling.

“Bombs” Lush celebrate 30th anniversary!

There is nothing more stressful than organizing a celebration of his own birthday, so Lush refused to do this year. Instead of throwing a party or planning a dinner with 50 of your closest friends, the British brand decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his “bombs” for bath, releasing another 54 new “bomb”.

But the means to care for the skin we are different. I moisturize the skin cream Dr. Barbara Sturm, which includes my blood, so I don’t think the husband wants to put on something that was made from my own flesh and blood.
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

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Brand Yankee Candle has released a collection of candles dedicated branch

Just before Christmas 1969, Michael Kittredge, the future founder of the Yankee Candle company, decided to give his mom a gift made with your own hands, the candle. The neighbor was so pleased with this idea that she asked her to do the same. The first candle Yankee Candle. And soon Mike opened the first store that sold scented candles. Now brand products are sold worldwide — from Canada to Japan to 33 thousand stores.

One of the latest collections of the brand will make you dream about the slow Sunday morning. Six new candles released in five different sizes (prices start from $ 11) inspired by the flavors of Belgian waffles, bouquet of peonies, sweet peaches, a strawberry Bellini and berry cupcakes.

La Prairie has released a new lotion with platinum for 655 dollars (about 39 thousand rubles.)

Talking about money with gold and silver particles you’ve probably already heard, but the brand La Prairie has decided to go ahead and present the lotion and the essence Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion, which contains real platinum.

New member of the family Platinum Rare is actually “pre-serum”, for which the experts took two years. The platinum product contains peptides that help increase collagen production in cells and promise to correct many signs of aging. But, explains Dr. Jacqueline hill, Director of research and development, La Prairie lotion is also intended for use in tandem with other tools, the Swiss brand.

You start with cleansing and toning, but before applying the serum, use the Cellular Life-Lotion. Then in the morning apply the serum, and in the evening, night elixir or cream. Don’t forget about essence eye contour and eye cream. And, of course, during the day we also recommend that you protect your skin from the sun, for example, using UV Veil SPF50.Yes, in Europe and America we are not accustomed to a multi-level care in Asia. But this scheme is working, says Dr. hill.

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