Beauty digest: slot machines Chanel to non-surgical breast lift

Valmont introduced a line of five debut fragrances inspired by Venice, Chanel has set the slot machines on the fifth floor of TSUM (the most skilful can win miniatures of iconic fragrances Chance, funds from moisturizing Hydra Beauty line, and so favorite with all the collection of products for the lips Rouge Coco), and to advertise the pencil M. A. C. they used a model with a mustache, and retouch the facial girl did not. What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — read our material.


Network users outraged is the new pencil M. A. C. neotremontirovannyh with a mustache above the upper lip

We got used to advertising where the models look like they are wax figures and not real people (“jammed” then, a perfectly smooth face without a hint of wrinkles and, of course, no extra vegetation). Cosmetic brand M. A. C. has decided to produce a kind of revolution: this week in Instagram brand photos model, where the makeup artist Matthew king gets an eyebrow pencil Auburn. Upon closer inspection on the upper lip of the girl you can see the black hairs.

Users of the network, rather ambiguously responded to the bold decision of brand. Many have decided that retouchers just too lazy to handle the (at the very impressionable even eliminated the desire to buy a pencil). However, there were also those who an ingenious solution came to mind. “What is natural is not ugly!” retorted they.

Brand Chanel has opened a space of entertainment on the fifth floor of TSUM.

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After a high-profile discoveries in Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and Paris brand Chanel launched Coco game zone Game Center in Moscow on the fifth floor of TSUM. First have fun in a pop-up space, in the style of arcade 70-80 years, are the guests of the Fashion’s Night Out in 2018. Now, give play to everyone, shopping for do not necessarily.

Especially demand ping-pong with lip gloss and “trip” the ephemeral, the car on the streets of Paris. When shopping all customers are waiting for cool stickers, notepads, bags, shapery, cell phone and cosmetics to choose from. In the beauty space, you can get advice from the experts brand as well as make-up, all this under the fiery music in the style of electro-pop. Area of the fun and beauty will operate from 4 to 16 September, from ten in the morning until ten at night.

The unusual hairstyle of empty bottles and packaging

Australian drag Queen under the name Art Simone has created an unusual hairstyle (even the headpiece), using miniature versions of products from the local supermarket. In the course went, including shopping cart and plastic bags.
I know how to make incredible headpieces and hats from unconventional objects (sponges, toys, food). I called his work of art folk headdress, as many of my friends helped to collect gear for him.As expected, the photograph of the masterpiece gained tens of thousands of likes, netizens admired the talent of Art Simone and ask her how she managed to secure the whole structure.

Back to school! Eyebrow pencil Brow Contour Pro, Benefit

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New from Benefit resembles an automatic pen with four color bars (surely you had that at school). Only instead of ink inside the pencils for eyebrows two shades to create the form, one for contour and highlighter, to highlight the expressive curve of the arch. The pencil is available in five variants among which you’ll definitely find one that will suit to your hair color and skin tone. Vehicle water resistant (promise durability for up to 24 hours), so at least with him in the pool, even in the rain.

In America, invented the non-surgical breast lift

Breasts become less dense. This especially occurs after pregnancy, as some tissue is replaced by fat, it also contributes to the fact that the chest ceases to be elastic, explains new York plastic surgeon Adam Kolker. Breast-feeding, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, along with the inevitable force of gravity, can also contribute to sagging Breasts.

Early classic solution to the problem was a tightening of the chest. However, this method has one big drawback — noticeable scars. In early autumn there is a new technique BodyTite InMode, which allows you to return the bust firmness without surgery.

Due to RF-lifting pulls the skin, increases collagen production and reduces fat. Dr. Eli Levin says that the device “lifts the breast from one and a half to five centimeters.” The price of an innovative procedure ranges from three to five thousand dollars.

During the session, which takes from one to three hours, a tiny cannula is inserted into different points on the breast in the crease underneath and around the areola — for safe and precise heat not only outside but also inside.

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Usually the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Although patients can return to work the same day, some doctors recommend rest in bed at home at least a few days. In the past two weeks on the skin can be bruising and swelling and mild redness. Most people begin to notice a lifting effect after a few weeks, but the final results will be visible after two to three months.

Valmont introduced the first line of fragrances Storie Veneziane

The founders of the brand Valmont Sophie and Didier Guyon presented not one, but five debut fragrances on perhaps one of the most romantic cities in the world — Venice.

The collection with the telling title Storie Veneziane included five songs for every taste: floral Verde Erba, aldehyde Alessandrite, pink Rosso, amber Gaggia Medio, chocolate Blu Cobalto. The high content of perfume extract provides maximum durability, while the fragrance loses intensity and saturation for the entire day.

Some noteworthy bottles, decorated with colorful semi-transparent masks — a tribute to the famous Venetian Murano glass. There are new items respectively — 39 thousand rubles per item, for those who are not ready for such spending, the range is a set of replacement bottles 3 x 8.5 ml for 14 thousand.

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