Beauty digest: the ghosts of a million dollars to cosmetics Hermes


Eight species of musk in the new scent of Chanel 1957, collection of silk ribbons dedicated to the Muse of Dior the Mitso Bricker, perfume for $ 1.3 million and the start-up of make-up tools and line care cosmetics from Hermes. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Collection of silk ribbons Dior dedicated to the Muse Home Mitso Briar

The mitso Bricker — the main Muse of Christian Dior, which won him his cheeky way, inspired House designers to create an unusual collection of silk ribbons perfume for the ritual. She invariably wore on the wrist a silk ribbon. Still remains a mystery: whether the tape was part of her image, or was intended to hide the scar.

Inspired by her style, Mitzah collection consists of 30 silk ribbons, which can be applied favorite flavor and tie it on your wrist, neck or hair, leaving behind a subtle train.

New seek from the beginning of April at the Dior boutique in Gum. Cost 13 thousand rubles.

In the collection Les exclusifs de Chanel refill: fragrance 1957

In 1957, Coco Chanel in America proclaimed the most influential designer of the twentieth century, she won the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award for achievements in the field of fashion. Overseas designer were on hand. However, this sympathy was mutual.
I love the United States and admiration for this country. Because that is where I made a fortune— she confessed to Paul Moran.

Hats made by the young milliner was put on sale in new York Department stores, and magazines vying praised for their unusual design. Women’s Wear Daily predicted a great future sweaters from Deauville since 1914, when they were born.

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The opening of the largest boutique in new York and the events of 1957 in General dedicated to the new fragrance in the collection Les exclusifs de Chanel. The title concluded several characters: 19 is the birthday of the most Mademoiselle, and 57 is the number of the street where is located the biggest boutique of the French brand in the USA.

Designed aroma the perfumer Olivier Polge:
Each song in the collection Les Exclusifs de Chanel — this is an experiment, an unexpected field of research. This time I decided to work with musk, but rather with different types of white musk. Their white is very complicated: they envelop and emit light, whose intensity can vary greatly. They have the tenderness and sensuality. 1957 — the fragrance that reveals only the skin and different reacts with the body every woman.
Inside mixed eight types of white musk. In the depths of the composition vibrate woody, spicy and floral notes. Pinch of pink pepper, coriander, bergamot, vanilla honey, Jasmine — here is the recipe for a delicate, enveloping and alluring aroma.

In Dubai Mall appeared the most expensive perfume in the world

The Guinness book of records for a long time considered the most expensive bottle — the aroma of Clive Christian No. 1 with a volume of 500 ml. It is 205 thousand dollars. However, the masterpiece of jewellery and art of perfumery has a competitor: now the first one is the composition Shumukh, released brand The Spirit of Dubai. It costs 4.7 million dirhams (approximately $ 1.3 million).

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“Sumukh”, which in Arabic means “deserve the best”, was inspired by the cultural heritage of Dubai. A three-liter glass bottle, handcrafted, covered 3571 diamond and inlaid with topazes and other precious stones, total carat weight 38,55.

The design used seven key elements to the Emirates: pearls (the largest pearl Durra), hunting birds (Baz), Arabian horses (Abjar), the ever blooming roses (Narjesi), the details of which embody the luxury (the most precious diamond, Haibah), Arabic hospitality (Diwan) and the status of Dubai as the “city of the future” (Aamal).

Perfume with notes of the most rare natural ingredients, including ylang-ylang, amber, sandalwood, musk, oil, Indian Oud, patchouli, incense and Turkish rose oil, are controlled by a remote control. However, it was more a Museum piece — selling fragrance in a precious bottle was not present.

A masterpiece is stored in the trunk, mounted on a pedestal height of 1.9 metres on Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall. To get the “perfect” formula of the fragrance, we had to create 494 preliminary version in three years. Supervised the special operation Asghar Adam Ali, the master perfumer and President of the group of companies Nabeel Perfumes: My vision was not only to capture the personality of Dubai in one monumental work of art, but also to create a fragrance that would embody the pinnacle of luxury in the world of perfume. Today I am very proud of the flavor of the Shumukh, a stunning creation that combines two kinds of art, jewelry and perfumes.

Brand Hermes launches a line of cosmetics

According to Business of Fashion, in 2020 the range of the brand appears make-up-tools and advanced line of skin care cosmetics. The collection will be produced in France and Italy.

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While no details of run no. Apparently, Hermes will follow the example of other luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior, and will offer a complete range of cleansing and moisturizing products.

As for the makeup, for the autumn show Hermes models appeared with a dark smoky, so perhaps the lineup will include a palette of eyeshadow. But it’s just our guesses.

The one thing we can be sure that the line is not cheap. So, a small candle costs about $ 180, the flavors — from 102 to 139 dollars, and for body — 50 to 70 dollars.

Award makeup artists Oriflame

Swedish brand Oriflame has announced a national contest for make-up artists and invites all the admirers of the brand to the beauty Days that will take place in fourteen cities in Russia. As part of the makeup artists (not just professional) from all over the country will compete for the title of best. The winner, who will receive a million rubles and a contract with the brand, will choose the jury: co-founder of the project #FollowMeTo Natalie Haussmann and celebrity makeup artist Irina Miroshkina.

In the framework of the Days of beauty, everyone can taste beneficial wellness-cocktails, go digital skin testing, to obtain individual recommendations of professionals and to visit interesting master-classes, dedicated to beauty and health.

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