Beauty-dry cleaning: how to wash concealer and lipstick with the clothes


With lipstick, mascara, bronzer and Foundation to handle much more difficult than of the drops of ketchup or mustard on your shirt because beauty means heavily pigmented and contain oils and resins. The main thing — do not RUB the pollution, so it does not become even more noticeable. SPLETNIK.RU collected nine brilliant and at the same time simple methods to quickly remove spots from makeup from the clothing.

Wipes for removing makeup

The wipes not only remove make up with face, but also can help to wash off the makeup from the clothing. It’s the old trick that many makeup artists doing backstage at fashion shows. That’s just this simple method is most effective for fresh stains (not older than three hours) that have not yet had time to dry and soak into my clothes. And one more thing: with things of cotton should not be a problem, but with a silk blouse or a cashmere cardigan should be very careful.


DAB a cotton pad (or cotton swab) in the alcohol, and then apply it to the stain. This trick is especially effective when removing stains from lipstick, as alcohol dissolves the oily and waxy texture. Pleased with the fact that it works no matter how dark the shade of lipstick you are using or how much bronzer spilled on the blouse.

Shaving cream

To clean the clothes from the traces of lipstick by applying foam or shaving cream. This method often uses herself Kim Kardashian. You need to put a little money on the stain and leave for ten minutes. During this time, the foam will dissolve the makeup on the clothes. Will only wipe clean with a soft brush, the remnants of pollution to fill baking soda and rinse thoroughly under the thing in cold water.

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If the stain remains, then apply a little bit of alcohol on pollution. This should help, says the reality star.


Your favorite eyeshadow, blush, powder, highlighter or other means crumbly texture can easily be broken into thousands of pieces. Worse still, they can purepacket clothes.

The main rule — loose powder in no case should one try to scrub towels or wet sponges. Any attempt will result in a blurred spot. So what to do? Take a hair dryer: it will literally blow the powder from the fabric. Better to use it at the lowest temperature, because the heat spot further hardens, and it is completely useless.


Hairspray can help get rid of water-resistant lipstick on the blouse. Apply the hairspray on the stain and let it dry, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Note: method works only if the hairspray contains alcohol. And one more thing: carefully use nail Polish on delicate fabrics like lace or silk. In this case, it is not necessary to apply several layers, otherwise the Polish will harden.

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice cubes do an excellent job with blood stains, chocolate and makeup. We all know that such stains should be immediately washed off with cold water. But ice cubes is even better! They always have in the freezer, and treat the stain it is much more convenient. Take a paper towel and gently collect the moisture on soiled section of the cloth with contamination. If you act quickly, the result will be one hundred percent.

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Baking soda

Sodium carbonate provides an alkaline effect, breaks down dirt, oil and sunscreen. If the area of contamination is large, before washing the thing it is best to completely soak in the water with the dissolved soda. Or to treat the surface contamination gradually, in small portions of soda. Almost the same principle works and baby powder, it perfectly absorbs fat.

Hydrogen peroxide

Liquid concealer is very quickly absorbed into the fabric, so you first need to try to scrape it with a plastic knife or credit card. Then pour a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain and RUB it in a circular motion using a toothbrush.

Dishwashing detergent

If the Foundation for a tradition-based, then it’ll be great prepared fat-dissolving liquid for washing dishes. For the beginning of the area of contamination is necessary to moisten with warm water, then drop slightly and gently RUB the area with a soft cloth. Rinse thing, need to swipe the cleaning procedure again. But if the stain is old, then the liquid is better to leave for half an hour so she has time to dissolve ingredients of cosmetics.

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