Beauty-fashion recommendations that can ruin lives


In the information age, just one post from a popular blogger to another “Lapham” scattered across the network, and thousands of girls started to repeat it. And by the way, many beauty tips can cause irreparable damage to the health and beauty.

Among the threat – recommendation to hide herpes on the lips by using colorless nail Polish. But the girls don’t even know what risks they expose their own face. First, tools for nail art – powerful allergens. Secondly, herpes is an infection. Just imagine what a bomb you receive! In addition, if you decide to paint lips on top of the cold sore remember that the virus will be on your lipstick and you will become infected again.

Now, some bloggers offer to clear clogged pores with the help of dental floss. Such actions are dangerous for the delicate skin of the face. Thus, it only removes the surface layer, so a similar effect can be achieved with a simple peel or scrub. But to damage with using dental floss the top layer of skin and injure the capillaries easier. In the best case, after this procedure, you can become the owner of a purple nose for a few weeks. At worst you will have to spend a lot of time and money for skin regeneration and treatment.

Other beauty fanatics are recommended to use deodorant to rid the skin from oiliness and unwanted Shine. But, few of them think that these tools contain powerful fragrances together with salt aluminum. As a result, “disguise” a person once, you can stay with the pimples, numerous acne and flaky skin.

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