Beauty holographic glitter Bomb for 200 rubles shade 04

Hi all. Instagram has recently blown up a new budget Beauty brand Bomb. Today I want to show holographic lip gloss which has a huge number of advantages.

In my opinion, I chose one of the most wearable shade 04. In the rest of the shades are green and blue sequins with a large number and on my lips it looks so-so) by Itself, the glitter is slightly brightening her lips, but I like the effect.

For Shine for such a nice price it has a huge number of advantages:

  • first, it is not sticky, not sticky at all
  • second, it has a pleasant, sweet and unobtrusive aroma of the candy
  • thirdly, and to me this is a huge plus, as most glosses sin is this. Beauty Bomb has created a cool formula due to which there is a white strip at the junction of the lips. It’s cool
  • fourth, the gloss does not follow the boundary of the lips and has good pigmentation In one coat already seen these beautiful shimmering

And now a pair of owls on the sponge. It’s plastic, has the shape of a spatula does not bend. But how he manages so comfortable to apply the product I don’t understand. When I first saw it, even wanted to postpone the purchase, but interest took precedence)

200₽цена10/10оценка3 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens

I’m happy with. I also want them moscovie highlighter and blush to try.

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